Treasure or Trash: New Na'Vi CS:GO

Jan 30 2020 3 min read

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Na'Vi is one of the most seasoned CS:GO organizations of all-time. From retired legends like Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko to current superstars like Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and Denis "electronic" Sharipov, Na'Vi has seen incredible seasons. However, 2019 was a new low for the organization despite having multiple lineups with astonishing talent. We have discussed what happened during 2019 for Na'Vi to have such poor performances in "What's next for GuardiaN and Na'Vi." So, moving into 2020, what has chang ed to set the team up for success?


s1mple is back

s1mple is regarded by many as the best player in the world. The HLTV rankings of last year had him in second, but that may not have been the case if he had been in his primary role the entire year. s1mple moved to be a rifler when Na'Vi acquired Ladislav "Guardian" Kovács as the primary AWPer in September 2019. This change brought a lot of confusion to Na'Vi fans and the entirety of the CS:GO community. The AWP in the hands of s1mple proved to be quite the bane for opposing teams, so why take it from him? In an interview with HLTV, s1mple stated that he w ould only be willing to part with the AWP if their fifth player was a master with the weapon, and he felt GuardiaN fit that description. He also stated that the reason for GuardiaN's poor performance wasn't due to lack of practice, but it was more "psychological."

Even with this change, s1mple remained a top tier player as a rifler, but he didn't quite have that same presence on the map that the AWP offered him. Now, Ilya "Perfecto" Zalutskiy has joined the lineup, benching GuardiaN, and given s1mple his boom-stick back. 


Muy Perfecto

Perfecto is a 20-year old Russian player who joins Na'Vi from Syman, his team of over two years. He bolsters a 1.21 rating for the last three months on HLTV, which is pretty good. But, his ultimate test will be against much higher competition and Tier 1 teams, which is not the level Syman was playing on.

Perfecto's addition to the Na'Vi lineup is much more than the surface level of his abilities individually, though. He has put up some good numbers, and that's great, but the essential part of him joining this roster is what he is going to do for his four teammates. When GuardiaN was on the lineup, it truly felt like Na'Vi was playing a man down, or worse. Seeing superstars like electronic and s1mple weighed down by another player on their roster was heartbreaking for Na'Vi fans, and a change had to happen. 


Treasure or Trash

The new Na'Vi moving into 2020 looks like Treasure to me. s1mple is back in his oppressive role on the map and the pickup of a young talent like Perfecto seems like nothing but good to me. I expect Na'Vi will be a team to be competing for championships and will be a top three team alongside Team Liquid and Astralis.

Na'Vi's debut with their new roster is right around the corner. They will take on GODSENT on February 1 at ICE Challenge. This should be a match Na'Vi easily wins, but on February 7, they will pair up against Vitality, the home of the number one player of 2019 and opposing AWPer, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, to begin their run at the BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020


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