Total War: Three Kingdoms - Spies Guide

May 28 2019 2 min read

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In Total War: Three Kingdoms, some members of your faction are ready to spy on opponents and perform special actions to weaken the forces of the enemy.

If the character is suitable for espionage, you will see an eye icon next to his rank in the general list. To appoint him, you also need to have an available slot, the first of which is unlocked at the Second Marquis level. Additional cells can be obtained as the rank increases and by studying new reforms.

Having assigned a spy, you can click on the “Undercover Network” icon and select one of the available tasks. It is necessary to keep in mind that a person will be able to merge with representatives of another faction only after “hiring”, the success of which is influenced by his personal parameters. The higher the performance and level — the more likely will be the success. After well-off implementation, you will get access to many details, including information about the current commanders and their army.

Undercover Network and Cover Points

As soon as the spy begins its activity in enemy's camp, the “Undercover Network” will begin forming, consisting of various contacts, informants and other assets. Each subsequent action requires the investment of Network and Cover points. The first affects the success of the operation, and the second makes it possible to initiate it.

There is always a risk that a spy will be caught at the crime scene and subsequently disclosed.

If the spy is revealed as a result of the action, the warlord of the target faction may demand to return to you as a double agent. The revealed hero will never be able to penetrate to the same opponent again.

Spy Actions

All Spy Actions are divided into four categories, depending on the position received.

With the help of “Court noble” actions, there is an opportunity to influence trade, demoralize the enemy's key figures or intervene in counterintelligence processes.

Having received an “Administrator” position, the spy can weaken the command and its garrison, fulfil a ministerial role in court, incite a disturbance of public order, or organize a rebellion.

 “General” actions become available after achieving becoming the General of one of the armies. These actions offer various options for sabotage against other armies of the opponent's faction and incitement to a military uprising, which gives you the opportunity to seize the army.

Also, the authorities can mistake your spy as an heir to the throne or allow to marry with the representative of the family of the faction leader. So you can get to other heirs and warlords.

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