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May 28 2019 8 min read

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Total War: Three Kingdoms is a global strategy, and the developers once again tried to create very original tasks for those who like to collect all the achievements. This is a really great game, maybe the best of Total War series of recent years. Check our review here, if you like. 

We have collected all the achievements of Total War: Three Kingdoms and now you know how to complete them. You can also use CTRL+F to find the one you need.

Болотные разбойникиBandits of the Marsh Playing as Zheng Jiang, construct a bandit lair.
В глазах смотрящегоEye of the Beholder Playing as any faction, attack Xiahou Dun with archers.  
Ваза на столе
Vase On A Table
Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, construct a Yellow Turban Headquarters.
...контролирует Вселенную!…Controls the Universe! Playing as any faction, control all 3 spice resources on the map.
Владыка Земли
Lord of the Land
Playing as a Yellow Turban faction, unlock all Land reforms.
Владыка ЛюдейLord of the PeoplePlaying as a Yellow Turban faction, unlock all People reforms.
Владыка НебаLord of HeavenPlaying as a Yellow Turban faction, unlock all Heaven reforms
Выше головы не прыгнешь

A Sharp Point Sticks Out 

Playing as any faction, obtain the maximum level in any one character attribute.
Гарантированный результатSatisfaction Guaranteed  Playing as any faction, win 5 duels.
Гуаньдунская коалицияGuangdong Coalition 

Playing as any faction, defeat Dong Zhuo.

Друг познаётся в бедеFair-weather Friend Playing as any faction, turn a friend into a rival. 
Дурной знак

Ill Omen 

Playing as any faction, have a spy successfully complete an assassination.

Дяо Чань передаёт приветDiaochan’s Revenge  

With Lü Bu in your party, kill or wound Dong Zhuo in battle.

Заклятые друзьяFrenemies Playing as any faction, win 222 battles in multiplayer mode.
Залитый кровью и свободный

Blood-drenched & Fancy Free 

Playing as any faction, win 100 battles launched from the campaign map. 

Запретный городForbidden City Playing as any faction, construct a faction palace.
ИсследовательFriend of Winter 

Playing as any faction, unlock every reform ina single playthrough.

Клятва в персиковом садуOath of the Peach Garden  Fight a battle with Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei fighting on the same side.
Когда солнце взойдёт на западеWhen the Sun Rises in the West Playing as any faction, win every battle (including auto-resolve battles).
Командир Белой конницы

White Horse General

Playing as Gongsun Zan, win 10 battles with White Horse Fellows . 
Корни и ветвиBranching OutPlaying as any faction, unlock an entire single element of the technology tree.
Кто часто сражается, в докторах не нуждаетсяA Battle A Day Keeps The Doctor AwayPlaying as any faction, win 7 battles with a Healer-type Hero leading your army.
Лучшие друзьяBFFs Playing as any faction, form an alliance.
Лучший из лучшихSimply the Best Playing as any faction, progress a character to the maximum rank.
Мир в огнеBurning Down the House Playing as any faction, raze an emperor seat.
Надёжный капканAn Ambush That’s Sure Playing as any faction, successfully ambush and defeat any opponent.
Не забывая о мелочах

No Small Deed Left Undone

Playing as Liu Bei, make 6 allies.

Не хочешь сдаваться — умриIf You Can't Surrender, DiePlaying as any faction, kill 92,413 enemies.
Не хочешь умереть — сдавайсяIf You Can’t Die, SurrenderPlaying as any faction, capture 92,413 enemies.
Небесный мандатThe Mandate of Heaven 

Playing as any faction, become emperor and win the game.

Нефритовая империяJade Empire Playing as any faction, control all jade resources on the map.
Обед на пятерыхParty of Five Playing as any faction, have all 5 Tiger Generals (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong) in your faction.
Одна щепоткаFirst Taste Playing as any faction, control a single spice resource.
Одним выстрелом — двух зайцевOne Arrow, Two Hawks Playing as any faction, win a multiplayer co-op campaign.
Первые шагиFirst Steps Playing as any faction, capture a region.
Пленных не братьTake No Prisoners Playing as any faction, execute 24 captives.
ПоджигательFirestarter Playing as Dong Zhuo, raze 11 settlements.
Прах к праху

To Dust

Playing as any faction, destroy any other faction.
Предел мечтанийNow the Stuff of Dreams 

Playing as any faction, complete a campaign on legendary difficulty.

Приятной игры!

Good Luck, Have Fun!

Playing as any faction, win a multiplayer match.
Пряный ароматThey Who Control The Spice… Playing as any faction, control two spice resources.
Путь ДаоWay of the Tao Playing as any faction, win a single battle with one of each unit type (Melee Cavalry; Shock Cavalry; Melee Infantry; Pike & Spear Infantry; Ranged).
РазрушительDemolition Man Playing as any faction, breach a wall during a battle.
Распавшаяся империя должна возродитьсяThe Empire, Long Divided, Must Unite 

Playing as any faction, declare yourself Emperor of the Three Kingdoms.

Реванша не будетGG No Re! 

Playing as any faction, win a ranked match in multiplayer mode.

Скромные начинанияHumble Beginnings Playing as one of the governor factions, become emperor.
Специальная доставкаSpecial Delivery Playing as any faction, kill a Hero with a special ability.
Сто тысяч воиновOne Hundred Thousand Troops Playing as Yuan Shao, form 6 alliances.
Сын черепахиSon of the Tortoise Playing as the child of Cao Cao, proclaim yourself emperor.
Тотальная война!This is Total War! Playing as any faction, win a campaign having declared war on every faction as soon as you encounter them.
Точка кипенияPoint Break Playing as any faction, trigger a civil war in another faction.
Хань стреляет первойHan Shot First Playing as any faction, someone else declares themselves emperor before you.
Ханьские поселенцыSettlers of the Han Playing as any faction, capture 29 settlements.
Хорошо ржёт тот, кто ржёт последнимNeighsayer Playing as any faction, control all northern horse resources on the map.
Хоть черепаха и долго живёт…Though the Tortoise Lives Long Playing as Cao Cao, trigger a proxy war.

Playing as any faction, declare yourself emperor.

Шпионские игрыLive & Let Spy Playing as any faction, make your spy become faction leader.

Here Comes the Sun (Jian)

Playing as any faction, maintain 8 trade routes.
A Land of Milk & Honey 

Playing as any faction, make 8,888 income in a single turn.

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