Top Teamfight Tactic Comps for Patch 10.15

Jul 29 2020 2 min read

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If you’ve played Teamfight Tactics during patch 10.14, you know that it was all about Jarvan. This unit was just too strong, so we are happy that the new patch is here. Although there are not that many changes, some things are a little bit different. 

As a result, we’ve decided to cover some of the best combos in this patch so far. Needless to say, the list here is subject to change as the meta changes later on.

Early power

The first combo that we want to cover here is called Bed and Breakfast and it’s basically focused around blasters. As a result, it does a pretty impressive amount of damage, even with just two units. Even in the mid-game, this setup should be pretty strong, as long as you manage to get at least four blasters.

Despite the fact that this combo is good, you shouldn’t really always go for it. In fact, the best time to go for it is when you have a lot of swords and bows to choose from. This will give you enough damage early on.

Unbreakable Wall

The second combo is something that you’ve definitely seen before, especially if you’ve been playing the game for a while now. Even though it’’s not as strong as it once used to be, having six Vanguards means that your team will be really hard to take down. 

The idea of this combo is to basically survive all attacks while simultaneously slowly but steadily killing down your enemy. Of course, in order to bring down your enemy, you need to get Cassiopeia, so keep that in mind,

Magic massacre

The last combo that’s pretty impressive is called Star Guardians and it’s another really strong setup that involves Syndra. Even though the unit was nerfed a bit, it still deals a lot of damage.

The idea of this combo is to do a lot of magical damage, which means that it’s really strong but also not good against certain lineups. The best thing that you can do in order to start this combo is to have at least a few sorcerers.


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