Top five CS:GO Survival knives

Mar 13 2020 4 min read
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Are you looking for a knife to showcase on your knife rounds? Look no further! Today we are going to be going through some of the most beautiful Survival knives you can rock inside the server. The release of Operation Shattered Web brought us four new knife types in the Nomad, Skeleton, Paracord, and Survival. We are going to be running through all four of these new knife types in future lists so you can see which we think are the best, but today we will focus on the Survival knife.

Number five

Coming in at number five for the Survival knives is the Night Stripe. The Night Stripe Survival knife has a charcoal grey blade and handle. You can tell the paint looks to have been spray-painted on the knife do the stripes made by an uneven spray. It was hard for me to pick between the Night Stripe and the Vanilla due to both of them looking clean and sleek in your hands. But, the character of the uneven spray on the Night Stripe is what pushed it over the edge for me. The Night Stripe Survival knife will have you fitting in with the guerillas for about $190, and you can find a StatTrak in about the same price range. Every Survival knife can only be obtained from a Shattered Web Case.


Number four

Taking fourth place for Survival knives is the Crimson Web. The Crimson Web Survival knife is that beautiful crimson red blade with spider webs patterned throughout the blade that has become iconic on CS:GO knives. It also sports a jet black handle. The Crimson Web Survival knife's, like the other Crimson Web skins, value can vary greatly depending on the web pattern on the blade. The Crimson Web Survival knife can make you the talk of the server, but its notoriety is going to cost you a pretty penny. You can have the Crimson Web Survival knife if you're willing to cough up about $700, and that's the low end. You can also try your chances with the Shattered Web Cases.


Number three

Getting the bronze medal in today's top five is the Case Hardened Survival knife. The Case Hardened design is another iconic one across knives and guns in CS:GO. The Case Hardened has a blue, purple, and yellow color palette, and these colors can vary from blade to blade, blue being the rarest. The Case Hardened Survival knife call be all yours for about $250, and a StatTrak will run you closer to $400.


Number two

Next up on our list is the Slaughter Survival knife. The Slaughter is yet another iconic skin design found on knives. The Slaughter has a deep red blade that can have varying patterns and a jet black handle. The Slaughter's, much like the Crimson Web or Case Hardened, value is heavily determined by the pattern you get on the blade. Another cool thing about patterns on the Slaughter is that the pattern can differ on each side of the blade. The Slaughter Survival knife will set you back about $640.


Number one

Getting first place on today's top five is the Fade Survival knife. The Fade is one of the most beautiful skin designs ever to make its way into CS. It can be found on every knife in the game, along with some guns and gloves. The Fade color scheme features different shades of pink, purple, and yellow. The rarest form of Fade is one that has the maximum amount of purple at the tip of the blade, which is referred to as a Full Fade. Its unmatched beauty comes with a hefty price tag, though. The Fade Survival knife will make you look like the freshest and most fashionable person in the server for about $900, and a StatTrak will run you about $1600. Of course, these prices will vary depending on what type of Fade you get.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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