Top five CS:GO Skeleton knives

Mar 20 2020 3 min read
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Are you looking for a knife to showcase on your knife rounds? Look no further! Today we are going to be going through some of the most beautiful Skeleton knives you can show off inside the server. The release of Operation Shattered Web brought us four new knife types in the Nomad, Skeleton, Paracord, and Survival. We are going to be running through all four of these new knife types so you can see which we think are the best, but today we will focus on the Skeleton knife.


Number five

I know I am probably going to have some disagreements with this one, but fifth for the Skeleton knives is the Fade. The Fade Skeleton knife is that beautiful, iconic color scheme that is on multiple weapons and knives in CS:GO. The colors that are present on the Fade can vary from knife to knife, but the rarest is called a Full Fade, where the tip has as much purple as possible. While it is beautiful as always, the reason I have the Fade in fifth is that the taped grip adds a different aesthetic for me, as opposed to a true knife grip. But, my opinion obviously isn't a popular one because the Fade Skeleton knife's price is pretty steep. The Fade Skeleton knife is the most expensive knife on this list at $1,500. Feeling lucky? You can try to pull this beauty from a Shattered Web Case. All Skeleton knives can only be opened from a Shattered Web Case.


Number four

Getting fourth on today's list is the Vanilla Skeleton knife. The Vanilla Skeleton Knife is unpainted, leaving the blade a charcoal color with the black duct tape grip. Vanilla on the Skeleton knife reminds me of a throwing knife and gives it a ninja-type feel. It will fit really well in the hands of your team's lurker while they hit the full flank. The Vanilla Skeleton knife will run you about $740, or you can try your chances with some cases.


Number three

Taking home the bronze medal in today's top five is the Slaughter Skeleton knife. The Slaughter is a very high-end design among knives in CS:GO. The Slaughter Skeleton knife sports a lighter red blade with the same black duct tape grip as the other Skeleton knives. What makes the Slaughter so unique is that the blade can have varying designs that profoundly impacts the knife's value. Another cool thing about it is that the design can differ on both sides of the knife, making it have a layer of uniqueness to it. The Slaughter Skeleton knife will cost you about $1,000 to rock if you don't want to try your chances with cases.


Number two

Getting second place for Skeleton knives is the Case Hardened. The Case Hardened Skeleton knife has the familiar purple, yellow, and blue stains that define the Case Hardened design with the duct tape grip. The Case Hardened on the Skeleton knife is another example of the skin fitting the knife's aesthetic. The duct tape handle and "stained" colors on the blade does a great job of presenting the knife as a misfit, which is appealing to me. The Case Hardened Skeleton knife is the cheapest on this list at about $600, depending on the pattern index.


Number one

The king of the Skeleton knives is the Crimson Web. The Crimson Web Skeleton knife is the perfect combo and a damn gorgeous one at that. The black from the web design paired with the black duct tape grip on crimson red is just pleasing to look at and meshes so well. The Crimson Web is also another skin that can have varying patterns, which can affect its value. The Crimson Web Skeleton knife is much like the Fade when it comes to the price at around $1,400.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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