Top five CS:GO Shadow Daggers

Feb 23 2020 3 min read
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Are you looking for a knife to showcase on your knife rounds? Look no further! Here are some of the most beautiful Shadow Daggers you can sport and be the talk of the entire lobby.

Number five

Coming in at number five in our Shadow Daggers showcase is the Case Hardened. The Case Hardened Shadow Daggers sport the popular silver, gold, purple, and blue color scheme, which also be seen on different knife types, the AK-47, or the Five-SeveN. The unique thing about Case Hardened skins is that while they all sport the same color palette, skins can vary on which colors are prominent over others, blue being the rarest. So, your Case Hardened Shadow Daggers may look different than that of your friends, which adds an extra layer of depth to the skin. The Case Hardened Shadow Daggers can be all yours for about $110 or about $130 for a StatTrak. You can also try to obtain them from a Shadow Case


Number four

In fourth place on today's top five is the Slaughter Shadow Daggers. The Slaughter Shadow Daggers are another iconic skin pattern in CS:GO that have varying patterns across the skins. Slaughter skins have about eight different patterns that can vary on both sides of the blade, making these knives have a lot of character next to standard one scheme skins. The Slaughter Shadow Daggers run for about $130, and StatTraks go for about $180. These also have a chance of being opened from a Shadow Case


Number three

Our bronze medal winner today is going to be the Vanilla Shadow Daggers. Most Vanilla skins are, well as their name implies, basic. But, sometimes, beauty can be found in something reasonably simple. The Vanilla Shadow Daggers being completely blacked out is exceptionally complementary to the way the knives handle. These knives feel like they were made to be stealthy instead of aggressive and combative. Them being blacked out add to that layer of stealth, for me. The Vanilla Shadows Daggers will have you lurking in the shadows for about $120 or $150 for a StatTrak. These can be opened from a Shadow Case


Number two

Getting the silver award today is the Tiger Tooth. The Tiger Tooth Shadow Daggers sport that lovely golden color with darkened tiger stripes. Tiger Tooths also have varying patterns like the previously mentioned Case Hardened or Slaughter skins, but the design doesn't affect the value of the skin as profoundly as those two. The Tiger Tooth Shadow Daggers will have you looking vicious for about $140 or $180 for a StatTrak. They can also be found in a Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case


Number one

Numero uno on today's top five is the exquisite Damascus Steel. The Damascus Steel Shadow Daggers sport a beautiful silver, almost chrome, color with varying patterns. The Damascus Steel is much like the Slaughter skins in how they can have varying patterns and like the Case Hardened in varying contrasts. Not all Damascus Steel knives are made, or valued, the same. The skin's value will depend heavily on the buyer's preference in patterns and contrast. But, we can try to put a general market price on it. You can blind your foes with the Damascus Steel's beauty for around $100, or you can shoot for a StatTrak for about $120. They can also be found in a Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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