Top five CS:GO Nomad knives

Apr 17 2020 3 min read
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Are you looking for a knife to showcase on your knife rounds? Look no further! Today we are going to be going through some of the most beautiful Nomad knives you can show off inside the server. The release of Operation Shattered Web brought us four new knife types in the Nomad, Skeleton, Paracord, and Survival. We are going to be running through all four of these new knife types so you can see which we think are the best, but today we will focus on the Nomad knife.

Number five

Getting fifth place for Nomad knives is the Case Hardened. The Case Hardened Nomad knife sports the iconic blue, purple, and yellow stained design we see among all knives and some weapons in CS:GO. The rarest and most beautiful of all the Case Hardened skins is called a Blue Gem, which is when the knife has as much blue as possible according to the patter index. The Case Hardened Nomad knife will set you back about $200, or about $400 for a StatTrak. This will be heavily dependent on the knife's pattern index. All Nomad knives can also be opened from a Shattered Web Case.


Number four

Coming in at fourth place for today's top five is the Slaughter. The Slaughter Nomad knife has a bright red blade with a design on the front and backside of the blade. The design on the Slaughter can vary greatly, and both sides of the blade often have differing designs, meaning this knife has a lot of character even compared to fellow Slaughters. The Slaughter Nomad knife will run you about $400, or about $600 for a StatTrak.


Number three

Earning the bronze medal for today's list is the Vanilla. The Vanilla Nomad knife has an unpainted blade and grip, which may seem lame when compared to others, but sometimes, the Vanilla skin on knives can have a simple beauty to them. The Vanilla Nomad knife has that simplistic beauty that looks more realistic than some of the other louder skins. It may not be reason enough for you, but it is for me. The Vanilla Nomad knife comes in at about $280, or a StatTrak will set you back about $350.


Number two

Getting the silver for today's top five is the Fade. The Fade Nomad knife is yet another Fade among the many that have been on my top five lists. The Fade has a purple, red, and yellow color scheme, the rarest being a Full Fade, which has as much purple as possible at the tip of the blade. The Fade design is just so damn beautiful, and it's hard to leave it out. The Fade Nomad knife won't come cheap. It runs for about $500 or $700 for a StatTrak.


Number one

Taking home the trophy for Nomad knives is the Crimson Web. The Crimson Web Nomad knife sports a crimson red blade with a jet black web design and grip. The Crimson Web is another frequent among my top fives, but can you blame me? My favorite part about the Crimson Web on the Nomad though is the spine. The crimson color on the spine right next to the grip looks super good and is eye-catching to me. The Crimson Web can also have differing web patterns, which affects its value. The Crimson Web Nomad knife is around $400, on the low end, and about $500 for a StatTrak, on the low end. 


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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