Top five CS:GO Karambit knives

Mar 01 2020 3 min read
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Are you looking for a knife to showcase on your knife rounds? Look no further! Today we are taking a look at the iconic Karambit CS:GO knife. The Karambit style knife is arguably the most favored in the game due to its sleek, curved design. Here are some of the most beautiful Karambit knives you can sport and be the talk of the entire lobby.

Number five

Getting fifth place for our top five is the Karambit Freehand. The Karambit Freehand sports a silver and purple blade with a free-hand drawing type pattern. These drawings can vary from arrows, lightning blots, stick figure-type men, along with a few others. The Karambit Freehand's patterns can range from knife to knife, making it full of character. The Freehand is also a knife you don't see much of, making it that much more special. The Karambit Freehand will have your enemies looking like cave dwellers for about $300. The Freehand can also be opened from a Gamma or Gamma 2 Case


Number four

Our number four for Karambit knives is the Tiger Tooth. The Karambit Tiger Tooth sports that elegant golden blade with brown tiger stripes that we are accustomed to seeing on knives. The Tiger Tooth skin design is a very trendy one among all knife types due to its sheer beauty. The tiger stripes on the Tiger Tooth can vary from knife to knife, but not in a way that profoundly impacts the skins price from one to another. The Karambit Tiger Tooth will sink its teeth into your opponent for about $600, or you can test your luck with a Chroma, Chroma 2, or Chroma 3 Case


Number three

Getting the bronze medal for the Karambit knives is the Autotronic. The Karambit Autotronic sports a deep red and silver blade with three mesh inserts. The Autotronic is another iconic skin among knives in CS:GO. While the Autotronic doesn't have varying patterns, the skin is exquisite, especially paired with other red weapon skins. The Karambit Autotronic will have you looking like the hitman of the lobby for about $600. You can also try obtaining it by opening Gamma and Gamma 2 cases. 


Number two

Getting the silver in today's top five is actually a golden skin, The Karambit Lore. The Karambit Lore is another iconic knife pattern among knife skins with a golden blade and a tribal-ornament type design along the sharp edge. The handle is also painted a dark green color instead of the standard black, or charcoal. The Karambit Lore's beauty won't come cheap, however, running at about $650. You can also try to open the blade from a Gamma or Gamma 2 Case


Number one

Grabbing our number one spot today among the Karambit knives is the Gamma Doppler. The Karambit Gamma Doppler is an extraordinarily beautiful skin and one that can come in multiple phases. The one shown in the image below is a Phase 1, which is a smokey dark blue blade with hints of green. Phase 2, 3, and 4 seem to get a bit more green as the phase counts go up. All four of the phases are ones that deserve a number one spot on this list, but that wouldn't be very fair. The Karambit Gamma Doppler is also the most expensive knife on our list, coming in at a hefty average of about $800. You can also try to get rich quickly by opening a Karambit Gamma Doppler from a Gamma or Gamma 2 Case


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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