Top five CS:GO Falchion knives

May 08 2020 3 min read
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Are you looking for a knife to showcase on your knife rounds? Look no further! Today we are taking a look at the Falchion knife. The Falchion style knife offers beautiful blades and handles similar to that of Flip knives. Here are some of the most beautiful Falchion knives you can sport and be the talk of the entire lobby.

Number five

Coming in at number five for Falchion knives is the Crimson Web. The Crimson Web Falchion knife sports the iconic crimson red blade and handle with a jet black web design. I love Crimson Webs, but I don't care too much for the jet black taking over the front of the handle. It's a similar issue I had with the Classic knife, where it makes the handle look almost fake and cartoonish. Some people will love that, but I'm not a fan. The Crimson Web Falchion knife can be all yours for about $150, or a StatTrak goes for about $240. The price of Crimson Webs will vary greatly depending on the pattern index, so keep that in mind. The Crimson Web Falchion knife can also be pulled from a Falchion Case.


Number four

Next up on our list is the Tiger Tooth. The Tiger Tooth Falchion knife is a bright yellow color with golden tiger stripes along the blade and handle. If you weren't sure what I was talking about regarding the handle on the Crimson Web, the rest of this list will show you. The front and back of the handle are silver and remind me of what an actual pocket knife looks like. The Tiger Tooth usually carries a hefty price tag, but the Falchion version isn't too bad at about $200. A StatTrak goes for about $250, but like the Crimson Web, prices will vary depending on the pattern index. The Tiger Tooth Falchion knife can be obtained from a Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case.


Number three

Taking home the bronze for today's top five is the Slaughter. The Slaughter Falchion knife is bright red with lighter red varying designs along the blade and handle. I like the Slaughter Falchion knife because it is one of the few to carry the Slaughter pattern to the handle; most are only the blade. The patterns on the Slaughter can vary on both sides of the knife, making it one with a lot of design options. The Slaughter Falchion knife runs at about $180, while the StatTrak goes for about $250. The Slaughter Falchion knife can also be opened from a Falchion Case.


Number two

Getting the silver medal for our list is the Marble Fade Falchion knife. The Marble Fade is a beautiful design that offers fading colors, purple, red, blue, and yellow, down the blade and, and in the case of the Falchion knife, the handle. The Marble Fade is one that frequently makes my top fives when it's available, and it's, honestly, tough to pass it up. The Marble Fade Falchion knife will set you back about $250, or a StatTrak is somewhere in the range of about $350. You can try your hand at pulling it from a Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case.


Number one

Taking home the trophy is the exquisite Doppler Falchion knife. If you keep up with my top fives, then you know that the Doppler is often the winner when it's available, but hey, can't blame it for being so damn beautiful, can you? The Doppler represented here is a Phase 1 and has six other potential designs, the most expensive being a Sapphire. Prices for Dopplers vary greatly depending on the Phase, but this Phase 1 goes for around $300. You can put your luck to the ultimate test by trying to pull one of these from a Spectrum or Spectrum 2 Case.


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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