Top five CS:GO Butterfly Knives

Feb 09 2020 3 min read
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Looking for a knife to showcase to your friends and the plebs in matchmaking? Look no further! Here are my top five CS:GO Butterfly Knives that you can show off in your knife rounds or on your late 1v5 retakes. 

Number five

Coming in at number five is the beautiful Crimson Web. The Crimson Web sports a blood-colored blade with a spider web design. You can think of it being prepainted with the blood of your enemies, though you adding another layer is highly encouraged. The Crimson Web can be opened out of an Operation Breakout Weapon Case or bought off the market for about $400


Number four

Our fourth knife is the eerie Doppler Phase 1. The Doppler Phase 1 has a smokey purple and maroon blade with a maroon grip. I call this blade eerie because I get a phantom, spooky feel when looking at it. So, if you favor being a lurker and sneaking up on your opponents, this knife will complement the mystery of your presence. The Doppler will set you and your assassin-like tendencies back about $800, or you can take your chances on opening it from a Spectrum or Spectrum 2 case


Number three

Taking the bronze in today's top five is a knife that has some bronze as well, the Fade. The Fade sports the popular Fade color scheme of a purple tip that slowly changes from maroon to red then to a more bronze color at the base of the blade with a red grip. The Fade color scheme is sported on many weapons in CS:GO, making this knife an item you can pair with a gun to make yourself the king or queen of fashion. The Fade comes with a hefty price tag of about $1,000, or you can try your luck with Operation Breakout Weapon Cases


Number two

Getting the silver medal in today's top five is the Tiger Tooth. This skin has a bright yellow blade with sophisticated tiger stripes and a bright yellow grip. The Tiger Tooth is an eye-popper, and taking it out during your 1v5 clutch will get your teammates typing in the chat for sure. The Tiger Tooth's beauty is reflected in its price tag at about $700. You can also get this beast out of Spectrum or Spectrum 2 cases. 


Number one

Today's winner is the beautiful Marble Fade. The Marble Fade has a very distinct color scheme on its blade with a blue tip that descends into gold, red, and purple with a red grip. The Marble Fade's diverse color scheme makes it a natural knife to pair with other weapon skins, or it can be your shining star among darker weapon skins. Its unmatched beauty comes with the highest price of any of the other skins on this top five list at about $1,100. Or, you can load up on more Spectrum or Spectrum 2 cases as the Marble Fade, along with two others on our list, comes from them. 


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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