Top five CS:GO Bayonet knives

Feb 16 2020 3 min read
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Looking for a knife to showcase to your friends and one to shank the plebs in matchmaking? Look no further! Here are my top five CS:GO Bayonet knives that you can show off in your knife rounds or on your late 1v5 retakes.

Number five

Number five on today's list is none other than the Bayonet Slaughter. The Bayonet Slaughter is that ruby red color we are used to seeing on red CS:GO skins with a pattern on the blade. The design reminds me of a Tiger Tooth, but it's not quite an animal print. It could be the blood of all the enemies you will be backstabbing with it running down the blade. The Bayonet Slaughter will have you shanking your foes for about $350, depending on the condition, or you can try your chances with these 11 cases; Revolver Case, Operation Vanguard Weapon Case, Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, CS:GO Weapon Case 3, eSports 2013 Winter Case, eSports 2014 Summer Case, Winter Offensive Weapon Case, CS:GO Weapon Case 2, eSports 2013 Case, CS:GO Weapon Case and Operation Bravo Case


Number four

Our fourth knife on today's top five is the Bayonet Fade. The Bayonet Fade is the iconic color scheme that begins as a deep blue at the tip of the blade and changes down to the grip. The Fade is a trendy color scheme in CS:GO, making this knife easily paired with the rest of your Fade skins. The Bayonet Fade will have you styling for about $450, depending on condition, or you can try your chances with the same eleven different cases as the Bayonet Slaughter


Number three

Earning the bronze in today's top five is the Bayonet Autotronic. The Bayonet Autotronic sports a crimson red and silver blade with a mesh pattern. This blade will look great alongside futuristic skins like the AK-47 Orbit Mk01 or heavily red themed ones like the M4A4 Evil Daimyo. The Bayonet Autotronic will have you seeing red for about $400 depending on the condition, or you can try your chances with the Gamma or Gamma 2 cases. 


Number two

Today's silver, and first loser, medal goes to the Bayonet Marble Fade. Once again, the Bayonet Marble Fade has the distinct Marble Fade color scheme seen on other CS:GO skins. It's similar to a regular Fade but has a few more colors in its palette. The Marble Fade can be all yours for the low, low price of about $500, or you can try your luck with the Chroma, Chroma 2, or Chroma 3 cases. 


Number one

Coming in at number one is the beautiful Bayonet Lore. The Bayonet Lore has a stunning golden blade with a dense tribal type pattern along the edge and faintly within the entire blade. The Bayonet Lore looks even better alongside its partner in crime in the AWP Dragon Lore, which is only a very reasonable price of about $1000-$1500, no /s needed. The Bayonet Lore can smite down your foes with its beauty for about $500, depending on condition, or can be opened from the Gamma or Gamma 2 cases. 


Have some skins you think should have made the cut? Let us know!


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