Top 7 players to follow during The Kuala Lumpur Major

Nov 08 2018 4 min read

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The Kuala Lumpur Major starts on November 11 and it will be the first $1 million tournament in current DPC season. Winners of the event will receive $350,000 and secure a spot at The International 2019.

We’ve picked 7 players with great storylines you want to follow throughout the event.


Team Secret

zai is one of the most diverse players of the scene, his trademark is opening as offlaner and then gradually switching to position 3.5. This way he creates space for other players to farm and becomes a threat on the map. It takes a selfless personality and a very complementing team for such strategy to work, and Secret has been reaping enormous results from zai’s playstyle.

Zai is an extremely experienced player and competed in each TI since 2014. he joined Team Secret right after TI8 after a season at Optic Gaming.


Team Secret

One of the biggest prodigies of the scene, MidOne combines exceptional talent with even more exceptional work ethic. In his first tweet after winning ESL One Hamburg, the player said he would soon start practicing for The Kuala Lumpur Major. He also has been streaming daily since he won.

MidOne started his professional career in 2015 as a player for Fnatic, later he was recruited for Team Secret. During post TI8 reshuffle there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt that Puppey would decide to hold on to his mider.


One of the youngest players of the tournament, who already has become a veteran of the Dota 2 scene. RAMZES666 is meticulous in his decisions and sets very high standards for himself. A star team around him transcends Ramses’s talent and molds it into an unstoppable force.

RAMZES666 has been a member of since it created its current roster in 2016. The only thing he hasn’t achieved in the game yet is winning The International and 2018-2019 might just be the season when he does it.



Fnatic picked up iceiceice during the post-TI reshuffle and The Kuala Lumpur Major will be his first offline event with a new team. Last season he played for Mineski and managed to win Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018, maintaining very decent results throughout the year.

iceiceice is the strongest player from Singapore and one of the most feared offlaners in the Dota 2 scene, capable to create opportunities out of thin air. Expect a lot of Timbersaws, Clockwerks, Tidehunters and other playmaking heroes out of him during this tournament.


paiN Gaming

Last week mider of paiN Gaming was one of the key heroes who pulled off a spectacular series against Aster Gaming and eliminated the heavy favorites out of the tournament. w33 has amazing decision making and he always knows what’s happening on the map. Every time he gets a chance to help his teammates with a quick TP or a global spell, he will do it in an instant.

w33 (aka w33aa) has been playing Dota since 2004, he joined paiN Gaming during the post-TI reshuffle. The player has many championships under his belt, won under the flags of Digital Chaos and Team Secret.



Until very recently March wasn’t a competitive Dota 2 player because he had been serving the mandatory military service in South Korea. When he was released from the army, March tried to return to the scene as a coach and panel analyst, but later was lured by the desire to be competitive again.

He formed a team out of former W&R and compLexity Gaming players. The squad was acquired by J.Storm after it qualified to the tournament.

With a new team and the first big competition in years, March is very hungry for a big result for his team.


TNC Predator

Another Mineski dropout ninjaboogie is the captain of the most promising team from the Philippines. The current roster of TNC Predator qualified to ESL One Hamburg 2018 but forfeited their spot due to schedule conflicts.

ninjaboogie knows the sweet taste of victory and will do his best to feel it again.


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