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Sep 17 2018 5 min read

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Mobile PvP gaming has many general problems in 2018 and developers are yet to solve them.

Here are 2 most common flaws of mobile PvP games:

 • Bigger device provides an advantage. Size matters

               In micro intensive games, a player with an iPad has better ability to control her character than a player with an iPhone. Bigger screens improve visibility and are more suitable for players with larger thumbs.

 • Most of the time you progress faster by paying. The problem of “grinding or paying”

               You can play all the games we list below for free but to get up the ladder you might need to unlock cards/items/heroes that are technically free but require a lot of grinding and/or payment.


#1 Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a good candidate to be called #1 mobile competitive game.

You might want to start playing the game on a PC to get acquainted with gameplay and decks, but it’s up to you.

Pros: Can be played on any device using the same account. A tiny display will not be a huge disadvantage in Hearthstone, as it’s turn-based and you don't need to have an immediate reaction with good screen view. In-game purchases have limited impact on progress and card packs can be easily obtained.

Cons: Almost none. Needs relatively strong chipset to run smoothly, not recommended for low-end devices. Payments will let you progress faster, but it’s much better than in most of the games listed on this page. 

You can download Hearthstone here: 

iOS link

Android link


Other notable games of the same genre:

Magic Duels

‎The Elder Scrolls: Legends


#2 Clash Royale 

Clash Royale represents a unique niche in PvP-gaming because it’s naturally perfect for mobile devices. This “tug of war” style of games requires lots of tactical thinking and minimum of micro control, which is very convenient when you operate through a touchscreen.

Unfortunately, most of the games in the genre suffer from one general problem — the skill gap is limited by the amount of items players have in their possession. To get new items you need a lot of time or a lot of money (or both).

Players, who decide to grind it out without purchasing in-game items, will need more than 10 years to open everything in Clash Royale. We are keeping an eye on the games in the genre and waiting for developers to solve the problem of “grinding or paying”.


Pros: A popular PvP-game with a robust community and an Esports scene. Matches take a couple of minutes and require very low traffic volume, which is perfect for when you are on the road and using cellular data. Developers keep the game exciting with events and updates.

Cons: Skill is often limited by the items, that are relatively hard to get for free. Elements of “Pay to win.”


You can download Clash Royale here:

iOS link

Android link


Other notable games of the genre:


Brawl of Ages


#3 Fortnite/PUBG

I put both Battle Royale kings here, because they share the same advantages and disadvantages as far as mobile gaming goes.

There isn’t much negative to say about the games except for the fact that they are shooters and therefore not optimized for mobile devices. FPS games just aren’t suited for touchscreens. You will also find it hard to play without a stable Wi-Fi connection.


Pros: Favorite battle royal experience on the go.

Cons: FPS games should be played with keyboard and mouse.


You can download Fortnite by one of those links:

iOS link

Android link


If PUBG is your cup of tea:

iOS link

Android link


Other notable Battle Royals:

Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale

‎Great Royale Wars - Clash of Block


#4 Vainglory

Long before Battle Royale took the gaming world by the storm MOBAs were the most common genre in PvP-gaming. Vainglory is one of the best mobile 5v5 hero games with its own professional completive scene.

Some players can find it hard to decide what to use: a light-weight phone with a small screen, or heavier and clunkier tablet. The choice gets complicated because in all mobile MOBAs the phones are vastly inferior to the tablets.


Pros: Possibly the best MOBA game for iOS/Android with huge esports scene and frequent updates.

Cons: Players with phones are at disadvantage. Matches and matchmaking period take about 20-25 minutes, which is pretty long for a mobile game.

You can download it here:

iOS link

Android link


Other MOBAs you could try:

Arena of Valor  

Heroes Evolved


#5 World of Tanks Blitz 

World of Tanks Blitz is a fantastic game that combines strategy, tactics, teamwork and individual skill.

It shares many of problems we’ve covered previously. WoT Blitz has premium shells that can give players advantage and a bigger screen can improve player’s performance during battle.


Pros: A beautifully designed game with well-established esports scene.

Cons: It’s hardish to move and accurately shoot using the touchscreen. High level tanks require a lot of grinding. Also, elements of “Pay to Win” model can ruin the game experience.


You can download World of Tanks Blitz here: 

iOS link

Android link


Similar games you should check out:

‎World of Warships Blitz

War MachinesAim for the Stars


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