Top-10 video games worthy of movie adaptations

Jun 19 2019 8 min read

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The topic of turning popular video games into movie adaptations brings back painful memories because traditionally, the screen versions of those games turn out to be mediocre – to say the least. Unfortunately, there’re sometimes terrifying abominations like the old Super Mario Bros. movie. That was a creepy nightmare, and we do hope nothing like that will ever happen again. However, the recent trailer for the Sonic movie was rather bad as well.

Still, things might change in the nearest future. Lately, Sony has established a dedicated subsidiary PlayStation Productions, which will be responsible for future movie adaptations of the huge video game portfolio of the company. If this enterprise proves to be successful, other companies and publishers might take the same route.

In our article, we’ve decided to pick ten popular video games, which could serve as the perfect sources for movie adaptations. We do believe that they have the potential to hit the big screens someday, and with a proper attitude, the result could’ve been fantastic.


Let’s start with some heavy artillery. This is the game, which is definitely worth turning into an atmospheric dark movie. We are talking, of course, about BioShock and the unsuccessful attempts to make a movie out of it with Gore Verbinski as the director. The project has spent the latest decade in the early pre-production state, and despite huge interest from filmmakers and actors, it never entered the proper filming process.

The original BioShock tells a grim and dark story about an underwater utopian city, which fell victim to the irrepressible ambitions of its creator. The atmosphere of suspense and horror along with a stylish environment could be excellently visualized by Guillermo del Toro. He is definitely the best existing director to work with such a complex and elegant source.


There’ve been talks that the deal between Valve and J.J. AbramsBad Robot could lead to potential movie adaptations of popular titles belonging to the publisher – and yet, we haven’t heard anything in regards to that since. But imagine for a moment a proper movie based on Half-Life – that could’ve been some top-notch sci-fi. The story of the speechless scientist who suddenly became the centre of everyone’s attention could by far become the most exciting movie in the genre – if depicted correctly and cautiously, of course.

There’re a lot of attempts to tell the story about an alien invasion on the big screens, but none of the films you might’ve seen even remotely resemble the simple, yet graceful idea behind Half-Life. Honestly, we would’ve watched the hell out of it – and Abrams is actually one of the best candidates to retell the mysterious events of the game with his rich expertise.

God of War

There’ve been some recent attempts to turn the Ancient Greek mythology into a violent movie full of special effects – and we all know that Clash of the Titans with Sam Worthington wasn’t that much ok in terms of offering an entertaining product. Perhaps, PlayStation Productions is our next best hope to see something truly exciting in regards to that, because Sony owns the fantastic universe of God of War.

Even though Kratos’ signature move of squeezing out the enemy’s eyes has already been featured in Game of Thrones, there’s still a lot to shock the unprepared audience with. The overall idea of slaying gods has so much cinematic potential to work with – and the movie has to happen at some point in the future. Let’s believe in Sony. And let’s dream that the movie could be done by Zack Snyder.

Detroit: Become Human

Deep cinematic experience on its own, the Quantic Dream’s latest title is exceptionally close to a movie as it is. The game has exciting branching script, and you never know what your actions might lead to. The core idea of exploring the edge of humanity is extremely appealing nowadays, and a potential movie could become a modern take on this thrilling topic.

M. Night Shyamalan could deliver the game’s core message, although we are talking about the director when he was at his peak form. His latest works, apart from some rare exceptions, cannot be considered masterpieces like his old ones. Also, David Fincher is capable of creating an intimidating cinematic experience. However, that would’ve been a completely different approach to Detroit’s story.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The GTA franchise has always been famous for the story of the games, but the latest title hit some never-before-seen levels of an immersive and engaging narrative. Three interlaced storylines of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor can provide exceptionally valuable resources for making a fantastic movie script. On top of that, the game is full of social parodies, political references, and sarcastic depiction of the real world – that would be a perfect criminal comedy if approached correctly.

Perhaps, Guy Ritchie could’ve made beauty out of the original source – his Snatch is still considered one of the best criminal comedies of all times. He’s the only man to catch and depict the surreal hilarious idiocracy of GTA’s world.

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

More than half a decade before Dishonored, Arkane Studios developed Dark Messiah of Might and Magic – an excellent action RPG, which overwhelmed the gaming community with its fast-paced and brutal melee combat system that could be perfectly visualized and shot by Matthew Vaughn, Guy Ritchie’s “apprentice.”

If ever watched Kingsman, you know that Vaughn is an expert at creating masterfully set action sequences. While the aforementioned espionage movie takes place in modern times, nothing will prevent the director from reaching the same level of awesomeness with medieval combat. Moreover, Kingsman has a lot of hand-to-hand fights.


We all love some good deliberate historical inaccuracy and fiction for the sake of entertainment – and one of the best eras to build upon is WWII. Don’t you dare claim that you didn’t like the idea of killing Hitler armed with heavy machineguns in Wolfenstein because it’s easier to believe that you’ve never played that cult-classics. Modern sequels are almost as good as the old games since they tend to recreate the atmosphere of absolute mayhem.

The closest we’ve gotten to the idea of Wolfenstein in terms of violently hilarious extermination of Nazis was with Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards. The initial concept of the movie only needs to be altered correspondingly so that it reflects the signature fictional madness of Wolfenstein – something like Iron Sky, but with style and taste. And yes, Tarantino would make a candy out of it.


The initial idea behind popular Battle Royale games came from an eponymous Japanese movie – Batoru rowaiaru. Speaking of games it inspired, the most influential title of the genre is PUBG. The concept of several dozens of players fighting to death until there’s one last man standing proved to be so popular for the modern gaming community that nowadays we are facing the trend of huge publishers making their own titles based on PUBG.

And that particular game along with its modern setting and well-known existing weaponry could serve as the base for a perfect action movie. In other words, we suggest the concept of Battle Royale makes a full circle and returns back to movie screens in the form of a tense film – ideally shot by Gareth Evans, the director of the violent Raid (or Serbuan maut). Just imagine a bloody fight with pans!

Total War: Warhammer

Various original and distinctive races, the epic stories of greater Good and Evil, immense battles of huge armies, powerful magic spells, mythical beasts –  the fantasy universe of Warhammer feels like it was intentionally created to become an outstanding cinematic experience. It is so rich and wholesome that it can inspire not just a single film – but rather an epic fantasy trilogy.

And who’s a better choice to shoot that if not Peter Jackson? He is capable of creating masterful battles between huge armies – and that’s pretty much the main concept behind every conflict in Warhammer. All Jackson needs is a slight overseeing so that he doesn’t end up making another cartoonish silliness like The Hobbit.

Deus Ex

Long before CDPR started working on Cyberpunk 2077 and long before Adam Jensen didn’t ask for what he got, the futuristic setting of cybernetics, augmentations, and all-powerful corporations was implemented in the original Deus Ex by Warren Spector. The game was so deep and rich in both offering innovative gameplay features and depicting the concept of transhumanism that it quickly became an iconic title and simply one of the best in the history of the gaming industry.

The perfect candidate to recreate the neon setting of the game is one and only Nicolas Winding Refn – the filmmaker is famous for the stunning visuals of his movies, and his style perfectly fits the setting of cyberpunk. There’s another worthy director – Joseph Kosinski, who gifted us visually and acoustically gorgeous Tron: Legacy with the soundtrack by Daft Punk. If they ever collaborate again – let it be the work on Deus Ex movie.


We strongly believe that there’re many more games worthy of turning them into exciting movies, but those ten above are likely to be the perfect ones. You are free to disagree with us and offer your own candidates in the comments!

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