Top-10 richest organizations in 2018

Jan 02 2019 4 min read

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Are you ready to do the most exciting, popular and shameful thing on Earth (except for the fact you are right now trying to finish your last-years' salad coming after a piece of sweet cake and having a wonderful glass of champagne mixed with orange juice)?  Feed your cat (and unwind him from the tinsel) — we are about to count another people's money. 

Main esports organizations mastered the budget of $130 million last year. Esports Earning says that all kinds of leagues, tournaments and championships brought each participant of our honorary list at least $3 million. The biggest part of the sum came from Dota 2 and The International numero eight. Who would have thought? 

Let's dive into the accounting report of millionaire organizations:

#10 Vici Gaming  — $3,03 million

What's better than sending a team to participate in a legendary The International? Send three team! A true Chinese method of Vici Gaming. Not only the main roster made it to the biggest tournament of the year, but a couple of filials: VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder. And they've made $1,15 million for just one event, even considering that Chinese trinity's best result was a modest eighth place. The rest was made within a year of a professional competitive Dota 2 season. 

#9 Fnatic — $3,27 million

Fnatic made their money by taking part in major disciplines: League of Legends, World Championship runner-up ($1,22m), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — $1,37m and Dota 2 — $525k. Besides, Fortnite and FIFA squads made some reasonable contributions, as long as other games — Fnatic demonstrated a brilliant diversification approach.

#8 Cloud9 — $3,28 million

Cloud9 players have won a couple of very prestigious tournaments in 2018. London Spitfire smashed a million from Overwatch League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad made it at ELEAGUE Boston Major (price tag — $500k). Decent amount arrived from the Rocket League Championship Series World Championship ($200k), and 3-4th places at World Championship in League of Legends had their word ($452k).

#7 Astralis — $3,65 million

Danish organization Astralis hadn't had much of a choice between the disciplines, but their one and only CS:GO made them rich. And with style! Astralis has one team and its huge success led to huge numbers on the bank account. Also, we must add that CS:GO prize pools are not so generous. Still, Astralis won: ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, FACEIT Major: London and ESL Pro League (Season 7 and 8). Moreover, Intel Grand Slam rewarded them with a million for winning so many tournaments in a year. 

#6 — $3,96 million has a situation very familiar to Astralis with a little distinction: 'bears' ware shining brightly at Dota 2 pro-scene. Yes, they haven't won an equal amount of ponderable silverware, but the prize pools were bigger. The only CIS organization in the list has won The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018, The Bucharest Major 2018, ESL One Birmingham 2018 and ESL One Katowice 2018. Sixth place at The International, which gave them $1,15m. All in all, Dota 2 squad made $3,42m.  CS:GO combat squad has been dismissed recently with $272k earned in total this year (a sad trend, because in 2017, before roster changes, these guys made $892k).

#5 FaZe Clan — $4,08 million

Epic Games are coursing on unprecedented prize pools. Sounds nice for all the Fortnite competitive arena. And speaking about FaZe: they've earned a record of $2,36m in a battle-royale. Thickest valet belongs to Turner Tfue Tenney — $455k. To be honest, shooters are money-machine for FaZe: CS:GO got FaZe $1,01m, Call of Duty: WWII — $357k, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — $290k. 

#4 Evil Geniuses — $4,17 million

Geniuses' main budget-maker is Dota 2. This year EG made $3,24m (thanks to the second place at The International — $2,68m flown straight from Vancouver). Evil Geniuses also won Call of Duty World League Championship, amounting $600k, and modest $164k made from Rainbow Six Siege EG are Six Invitational 2018 and Six Major Paris runner-ups. 

#3 Paris Saint-Germain Esports — $5,35 million

No surprises that the top-4 ranking of the most successful organizations includes only medalists of The International 2018. PSG.LSD lost the grand-final but shared a $4,07m of prize pool money. But they've also had success at EPICENTER XL — $500k and MDL Changsha Major — $400k. Rocket League squad did well too: you can't grow $81k on a tree. 

#2 Team Liquid — $7,2 million

Team Liquid are not at the first place of our list, but my Lord, they've rocked the scene this year. Dota 2 season and 4th place at The International sums for a $3,23million. Fortnite dancing — $1,31 million. CS:GO shooting— $1,03 million, PlayerUnknown’s Batlegrounds camping— $519k, LoL farming — $419k. Even the disastrous Quake Champions resigned before 'liquids' — $197k in total! Team Liquid is officially the most perfectly balanced organization of the year!

#1 OG — $11,47 million

The International gold medals are most expensive and always mean first places in similar annual lists. OG made it, they've won the Aegis of the Champions and $11,23m (which is more important than the metal plate). Of the other organization's revenues, we can distinguish (well, we openly mock OG) the discipline of Super Smash Bros. with a prize pool of $3k. The bloated prize pool of The International is still the subject of heated controversy both inside and outside Dota. But not for OG. Who cares when you have so much money?


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