Top 10 Competitive Champions in League of Legends

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Top 10 Competitive Champions in League of Legends

Let’s discuss 10 best champions for competitive mode


Azir is a great champion for teamplay. He has great AoE damage in teamfights, and his damage is scaling each minute of the game. If you let Azir get farm and kills, his advantage will speak for himself - you’ll soon find out that the Emperor of the Sands is pressuring the whole team already and not letting your team to get to enemy carries. Also, this hero feels safe on the lane: he is able to farm from the distance and in case of an upcoming gang from enemy jungle he can just use his Q -> E to get away. Azir’s ultimate also allows him to make great plays in master’s hands.


Cassiopeia is one of the greatest APCarries in the game. Sure, she’s not supposed to carry the game early on but sometimes it’s possible by getting some solo kills on the lane in the beginning of the game. Cassiopeia is expected to hard carry in middle/late game. It’s difficult to reach her in teamfights or solo and you gotta be careful by trying to gang her on lane. After level 6 she can get a double kill. Big periodic/AoE damage with CC combo from Flash + Ultimate makes Cassiopeia a deadly weapon.


Galio is really good for all of the members in the team, especially for peeling them off. Combinations with flash fits this champion perfectly. His ultimate serves well during entire game. Comfort laning, especially versus AP based champions. Galio has a beautiful control chain with great damage in % at the same time, which makes him good at lane, teamfights and ganging alike.


Playing as Gragas means that you can engage easily, disengage without any problems or peel your carries with your ultimate or charge. Combination with charge and flash is great for instant thunder-like gangs. In the game you will be able to build damage and health at once which allows you to deal damage and being tanky at the same time. Gragas showed his positive impact in many games of competitive League of Legends as Jungler/Mid/Top Laner. 


Karthus is perfect for mid/late game as APCarry. He is a bit tough to manage as a champion but his ultimate can damage squishy target to half health. Farming is not that challenging but it’s important to remember that Karthus is an easy target for gangs. In mid/late game though he becomes an unstoppable carry. It’s not important to stay alive as this champion due to his passive. You can flash into the enemy team and damage every target to half health, following with ultimate after. Ultimate has a lot of possibilities: you can help your teammates from any place of the map or you can use your ultimate before engaging, which is incredibly strong.


After rework Sion became one of the best top laners this year. His harassing ability, damage and tankiness fits great for teamplay. Professional players made Sion look great even on mid/support roles. His passive alone sometimes can make serious plays in the game. 


Taliyah is a great mid laner and sometimes, a jungler. With great variations of distance damage and control, she feels fine in competitive games. Thanks to her unique ultimate and passive, The Stoneweaver has lots of options for great gangs. Her ultimate worked out just fine in many professional games in League of Legends. In right hands and setups, Taliyah is able to keep enemies on a distance from the whole team and make opponents fear the chance of getting hit by her E, which basically can end the game.


Veteran of League of Legends, having survived many reworks, still remains really good and dangerous in both competitive and ranked games in our days. Ryze always had a great variety of combinations, making players spend a lot of times trying to get used to it. It’s one of the champions that has a lot of damage, control and mobility at once. His ultimate has some non-obvious methods of use. In some professional games we could see a team pushing enemy base and Ryze uses his ultimate to teleport creeps to another tower and push another lane, while creeps were far away from this tower on the lane.


Mechanics that Zilean has seem pretty simple, you just need to hit the enemy with 2 bombs at once in order to make a perfect play or just not to forget to use your ultimate on a teammate. Even due to the simple mechanics and gameplay, Zilean is great for teamplay. Ultimate can interrupt enemy setup if it’s based on furious one-shotting tactic. His 2 bombs can make a lot of damage and land a 2 second stun simultaneously. Plus, he can slow enemy and make a friendly target faster at one stroke.  


A great support, Rakan has a solid options that allow him to engage or disengage. In many games he made a lot of excellent engages. Flash, charge into enemy team while taunting entire enemy team is incredibly dangerous. Which our Charmer utilizes to full extent. 

That's it for today, pick the best heroes and slay enemies in League of Legends!

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