Tom Clancy’s The Division more details are out

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Tom Clancy The Division seriously rocked at the E3, 2014 and didn’t fail in archiving our gamer heart.

The gamers didn’t think any anything and quickly pre-order it. Well, it is because Tom Clancy The Division is looking really badass despite our worries towards online games (and Ubisoft). Now this is a game that will live up to the hype. The technical director of Tom Clancy The Division Anders Holmquist said that Ubisoft Massive putting their bests to make the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One heavenly perfect with some interesting tricks they got Anders Holmquist said.

Anders Holmquist, Said that “We use a screen-space anti-aliasing technique with custom in-house additions. We’re also continually looking at improving what we have.” 

They’re continually looking to improve what they have now that’s good. Tom Clancy The Division runs at 30fps and 1080p Anders Holmquist said “At this point we have no further information to share, but please stay tuned for more updates.” This was also in response to whether there was a reason the team settled on 30 FPS in the end.

Tom Clancy The Division is inspired by real world events the Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51, Ubisoft said that “revealed how vulnerable the United States have become”. In the game a disease called Black Friday has collapsed United States in five days, now it’s up to you who is part of a group have to save whatever of the United States is left by any means given direct authority by The President Of the united States. The game is a Massive Multiplayer online game which will put you against AI enemies and other players in the game.

The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 with a release date yet to be announced.


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