Titan Siege now accepting players for open beta

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Publisher GamesCo has announced that an open beta is now live for its new MMO Titan Siege

Publisher GamesCo has announced that an open beta is now live for its new MMO Titan Siege. The game is a standard MMO except for one major difference: it features huge siege battles with hundreds of combatants fighting at once. Other players and NPCs wage war - with up to 2000 combatants! - while using siege weapons to batter city defenses and bring down the enemy.

Players will battle in three uniquely themed continents, with each region having real-world parallels including Northern Europe,Greece and Egypt, among other ancient civilizations. They can choose from five different character classes including Soldier, Wizard, Priest, Summoner and Assassin, with up to 50 different skills to level up.

Away from large scale war, players can also group up and undertake quests, with the ultimate aim of defeating the Titans who have used humans as mercenary cannon fodder in their squabbles. They can even raise powerful pets, nurturing and developing their own skills for battle.

Titan Siege promises a ton of content, including over 300 creatures, 15 cities, 100 quests with 300 sub quests and the ability to command 10 different siege engines in massive city-sieges. Players interested in checking out the open beta, which GamesCo says is "first come, first served", can visit the official site here.

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