#TI9: Virtus.pro vs OG

Aug 17 2019 2 min read

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After yesterday's annoying setbacks, fans were waiting for Virtus.pro to reboot and the usual dominant level of the game. Unfortunately, OG was not the best team to return to the fight. VP had another defeat in the series: the situation is beginning to take on critical status.

First map

The fastest first map could easily pass the attention of fans. You could be distracted to make a cup of coffee, and the "bears" already lost. Io from ana, as well as Pangolier, Tiny and Elder Titan, rolled along the Virtus.pro lines, so that the team from CIS lost the Tier-3 tower on the central line by the midgame.

The VP main characters died without the opportunity to use the buybacks at the 22nd minute. Solo and the team didn't continue to confront. OG led in the series.

Image credit: @AutoDota

Second map

The teams showed an active DotA from the start of the second map. Tiny from Topson led an early game for his team almost by himself, while Enchantress from Ceb got the necessary space for levelling and gold, gradually turning into an additional "core".

OG had a spectacular fight on the top line at 20th minute and forced No[o]ne to use buyback to be killed again. Within three minutes, the advantage of OG grew to 13 thousand, and the killed Roshan became a bonus.

OG marked a half-hour game with a team wipe on the enemy's top line. The score of the meeting turned to devastate: 19 to 40 in favour of the European team. Virtus.pro lost Tier-3 on the mid and the eastern shrine. The VP game began to crush; the characters of the team started to die simultaneously on all lines. The agony ended in the 34th minute when Virtus.pro left without characters, buybacks and any chance of winning.

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