#TI9: Virtus.pro vs Natus Vincere

Aug 16 2019 3 min read

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The regional derby was a success!

Map One

The match began with the activities from the "fours" of both teams. RodjER and W_Zayac travelled across the map, benefiting their cores. Crystallize's Sven and MagicaL's Razor immediately took the first lines in the table of character values, which allowed NAVI to reach the initial artefacts a little faster. They maximized their own mobility and several times caught the enemy Arc Warden, significantly knocking down No[o]ne. By the 30th minute, NAVI's advantage had grown to 12 thousand.

Five minutes later, NAVI managed to catch the enemy in the middle, and after a successful fight, they destroyed the enemy Tier-3 tower and both barracks. The Bears were in a stalemate. They managed to find and kill W_Zayac in one of the last hope attacks, but NAVI managed to quickly get to the scene and send the rival's cores to the tavern.

There was no point in continuing the fight, and Virtus.pro agreed to the defeat on the first map.

Source: @AutoDota

Map Two

NAVI again mobilized Axe, Razor, Earth Spirit and Ancient Apparition but added Bloodseeker. VP answered with Outworld Devourer, Weaver, Vengeful Spirit, Earthshaker and Pheonix.

Inspired by the success, Natus Vincere went on the attack from the first minutes, as their pick implied early activity. Virtus.pro quickly lost their Tier-1  fortifications and were losing 6,000 gold in mid-game.

The strategy of Natus Vincere was fully revealed closer to the half-hour mark: the super mobile Earth Spirit and Axe with Blink Dagger were on duty in the opponent's possessions and thwarted timid attempts of the enemy cores to find at least some kind of farm.

The game dragged on. NAVI gained enough advantage to finally take control of the map and get the next Roshan. From the 50th minute, NAVI began to push the opponent to the base (in one of such clashes, Weaver had to spend his buyback), where the final fight took place.

The deadly spells of No[o]ne and RodjER failed against the enemy BKBs, and Weaver died again. There were no more resources for defence, the Bears capitulated.

Source: @AutoDota

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