#TI9: Vici Gaming vs Virtus.pro

Aug 16 2019 3 min read

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The opening match of the second group brought together applicants for the highest places in this tournament. The Bears, who took second place in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit ranking, tested the strength of Vici Gaming, which showed amazing efficiency in the second half of the season.

Map One

VP started the match in a good mood: the team approached midgame with a solid advantage in gold, while Vici Gaming did not have any external buildings at all by 20 minutes. The Chinese team scattered in direct clashes and could not do anything on the map. This continued until Morphling purchased Aghanim Scepter. The key fight happened at the 25th minute: Vici Gaming destroyed their opponents. 

The Chinese team immediately returned to the game, correctly used the advantage gained and the unfolding potential of their draft. This helped Vici Gaming smash Virtus.pro once again over the next ten minutes, consolidate its success and finally turn the tide on the map. By the 42nd minute, the Bears were already closed on their own base and were forced to fight back amid a complete lack of resources.

Vici Gaming clearly showed that they did not release such maps, and after 4 minutes they brought the match to its logical conclusion.

Source: @AutoDota

Map Two

Virtus.pro chose Slark and Death Prophet to turn the series. Vici Gaming answered with Medusa (in this team's official matches, Medusa has an 80% win rate in the current season) and Leshrac. Active map movements helped the Chinese team get a minimal advantage in mid-game.

Vici Gaming continued pressing and by the 35th minute left the opponent without external structures. VP decided to do a daring act and, being in a catching-up position with an unsuspecting opponent, took Roshan from under their nose. But the CIS team was unlucky: in the decisive fight on the mid, Aegis did not help Virtus.pro to win the clash, and there were no buybacks from key characters.

Vici Gaming won the series and moved to the top of the group.

Source: @AutoDota

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