#TI9: TNC vs Newbee

Aug 16 2019 3 min read
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There were two long and completely different games between TNC Predator and Newbee.

Map One

The game started actively: even before zeros hit the timer, the teams clashed at the upper bounty rune of Newbee's side, 4 versus 3. A lot of damage was dealt, but no corpses. TNC had PA in the hard lane, Kunkka in the easy, Newbee picked OD in mid and LS to the bottom lane. The early game turned out to be quite aggressive, although there were not very many murders: the players either ran away or simply could not inflict enough damage. QoP in the middle was suffering, it was not possible to farm. This game was not about making artefacts: micro-fights proliferated everywhere. The initiative bounced from team to team as if it was a ping pong match. At the 20th minute, the first serious 5v5 fight took place. QoP and CM died, the teams decided to take risks. Three minutes later, there was an exchange in the Dire forest. But again, the teams do a small exchange and retreat. Later, the game calmed down a bit. Serious fights began in the 40th minute, TNC lost a rack on the mid, in seven minutes OD and LS took out the heroes of the opposing team and the inscription GG appeared in the chat.


Map Two

The game began with the ban of Sneyking's belove Beastmaster. This game's start turned out to be a mirror one: both teams were in no hurry, they played carefully. CCnC suffered a lot from Lina in mid: in the fifth minute, his networth was 800, Armel's - 2000. In the 6th minute, Ember Spirit died. But Juggernaut was farming. Like Sven. TNC were angry and really wanted this draw. At the 16th minute, there was an attempt to make a massive fight, but only Sven died and everyone ran away. Game of Farm, 7 kills in 20 minutes for both teams. Good old Asian Dota. In the 21st minute, the teams again tried to make a 5v5 fight, killed CCnC, but Newbee immediately ran away. After a minute of chasing across the map, a fight occurred in the middle of the map, but nothing critical happened. However, the teams seemed to have triggered. The movement, the ganks and the murders occurred (albeit one at a time). Finally, in the 25th minute, Newbee decided to go for Roshan and killed him, but Kuku with Sand King snatched the Aegis, killed two more opponents, the whole Newbee team went to the tavern except CM. Newbee's mid racks fell. 30th minute, 15k difference in gold. 33rd minute, a sudden fight in the centre, TNC heroes rolled over Newbee. And the match ended.


Source: AutoDota

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Pantheon will be Teamfight Tactics' 56th Champion

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