#TI9 Playoffs: Virtus.pro vs Royal Never Give Up

Aug 21 2019 3 min read

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After a crushing defeat in the upper bracket of the playoffs, VP no longer had the right to make a mistake. In a strange way, Virtus.pro has still not been able to gain the usual cruising speed and crush confused rivals as it was throughout the season. There were rumours about the team's internal problems and the high probability of an early reshuffle. The Russian team could answer the rumours only on the battlefield against Royal Never Give Up.

Map One

The teams weren't smoothly farming artefacts since the very start. VP understood that the enemy Alchemist was a time bomb, and imposed collisions from the first minutes. By the 13th minute, Virtus.pro produced an excellent combination of Ravage and Blackhole, and three minutes later they killed four enemy heroes at the top lane. They went ahead in terms of character values (playing against Alchemist!) but made a fatal mistake: the impudent infestbomb by No[o]ne and RAMZES666 did not work, Lifestealer paid for it with his life. Due to the lack of the most important spells, Virtus.pro lost the fight on Roshan and lost all the advantage they had. At 23 minutes, RNG entered the rival's base through mid. In a defensive fight, RAMZES666 chased the enemy Shadow Demon and missed the main battle. The misadventures of VP did not end there. In a key collision, No[o]ne on Storm Spirit followed illusion, then he could not overcome several millimetres of terrain to escape, and then he did a dieback. The fight was lost without him, so RNG led in the series.

Source: @AutoDota

Mao Two

Virtus.pro chose heavy and thick melee heroes to try and get the revenge: Centaur Warrunner, Wraith King and Tiny - as well as a pair for a large-scale battle - Gyrocopter and Warlock. RNG once again picked Shadow Demon and Leshrac, provided LaNm with Elder Titan. The fate of the meeting was laid on Faceless Void.

At the 22nd minute, the teams had a protracted fight at RNG's shrine, as a result, the Chinese team was able to outplay the opponent. The advantage was implemented four minutes later when the Chinese team successfully initiated a fight at the Roshan's pit, killing four opponent's heroes and breaking the enemy's Tier-3 top tower.

RNG took Roshan and, with Aegis, confidently and totally annihilated Virtus.pro's base.  At first, VP lost bottom lane, then they had an unsuccessful fight, lost all their heroes and were forced to admit defeat.

Source: @AutoDota

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