#TI9 Playoffs: PSG.LGD vs OG

Aug 24 2019 4 min read

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The long-awaited meeting of the French temperament — resulted in a hedonic doctrine of Dota 2 — and machine logic with the powerful Chinese discipline took place in the final of the top grid of The International 2019. OG's international roster and the hosting party represented by PSG.LGD played for a place in the grand finals of the tournament. The Chinese team had a great chance to take revenge for last year's Grand Final since the place in the tournament bracket was almost equivalent. Well, OG had their own plans for this series.

Map One

The main title contenders have launched quite an equal battle for the Grand Final of The International. In the first map, the've exchanged short lunges until the beginning of the midgame. From the 20th minute, a third party joined the fight: technical problems and numerous pauses. The players had to sit in tension for a few extra minutes.

Both teams understood that their drafts implied the critical consequences of the battle for Roshan, so the first serious fight occurred only at the 35rd minute.

Ana made a serious positioning mistake and was immediately caught and killed. The Australian had to buy back to allow his team to participate in the battle for Roshan. The subsequent clash turned out to be a failure, OG lost several heroes and were defenceless against the upcoming power of PSG.LGD.

The Chinese team entered the opponent's base and shredded all the remaining heroes. When the key players of the European team no longer had buybacks, PSG.LGD besieged the throne and brought the match to victory.

Source: AutoDota

Map Two 

Second's map recap could easily compete with Ernest Hemingway's saddest and shortest story. Check this out: ana's Alchemist artefact timings: 8 minutes - Radiance, 13 minutes - Black King Bar, 19 minutes - Assault Cuirass, 22 minutes - Heart of Tarrasque.

Full-scale pressure from OG started even before the teams managed to play 10 minutes! Alchemist with Dark Deer's Surge rushed into the enemy, did chaos and certainly killed everyone. The odds of PSG.LGD to win dropped in a second but they tried to somehow stabilize their position and return to the game. By the 20th minute, the Chinese team was left without the top lane but with the hope of revenge. Well, OG and did not think to retreat: after three minutes, PSG.LGD were left without the main characters and were forced to capitulate. The score in the series was even.

Source: AutoDota

Map Three

 Alchemist was back in OG's clip. They picked Chen, Rubick, Legion Commander and Tidehunter also. PSG.LGD answered with Tiny, Elder Titan, Shadow Demon, Sand King - a starter pack for large-scale battles - and brisk Slark.

The Chinese team already knew how dangerous is ana's Alchemist so they took all possible steps to stop the outrageous dispersal of the enemy's core. By the midgame, PSG.LGD destroyed all the enemy T1 towers and led the score by 10 frags: 7 to 17.

Nevertheless, OG always found the opportunity to return to the game in an incomprehensible way from any situation. By the 15th minute, ana had already managed to buy Radiance, and by 20th, he got BKB. Once there was the Assault Cuirass, OG went on the to attack and succeeded. At the 25th minute, the Chinese team lost the upper side and the control of the map.

The battles took place one after another, OG were stronger more often. Meanwhile, Slark accumulated 12 points of stolen agility and made himself BKB and Silver Edge. In response, Alchemist began equipping the team with Aghanims. In the most important brawl for Roshan, OG divided the battle into two local skirmishes, defeated the opponent and took Aegis.

With the extra life left, OG went to the opponent's base and killed all the enemy heroes in a protracted and positionally adjusted fight. They brought the meeting to mega-creeps and destroyed the defenceless throne of PSG.LGD!

Source: AutoDota

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