#TI9 Playoffs: OG vs Evil Geniuses

Aug 22 2019 4 min read

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The most memeorable match of the day — the reproduction of The International 2018 upper bracket — provided the fans around the world with a continuation of the story that began shortly before last year's tournament. Betrayal or wisdom, victory or friendship, a flower or a body — the list of confrontations was expanded by the intrigue of Evil Geniuses trying to take revenge a year later thanks to an unexpected chance: the same tournament, the same positions.

Map One

OG added a few of its own ingredients to the current meta: not so popular Invoker was chosen for Topson, n0tail got Treant Protector. Phantom Assassin was picked to deal damage. Evil Geniuses responded with signature Earth Spirit for Cr1t, Crystal Maiden for Fly, and Terrorblade for Arteezy.

Evil Geniuses began the meeting with all-round pressure. SumaiL destroyed his counterpart on the mid lane, Earth Spirit began to actively move along the map and contribute to the success of the early game. At some point, it seemed that Evil Geniuses was spending too much time in the middle as Topson was already among the lagging behind, but in the end, it paid off: Invoker finally dropped out of the game.

Ana got Battle Fury and, apart from it, could not surprise the enemy. By the time OG's core made BKB, Arteezy was almost equipped with Monkey King Bar. The European team did not have room for manoeuvre: the enemy Lina with Eul's Scepter and Blink Dagger, Earth Spirit and Enchantress with annoying passives were too mobile and dominated the opponent throughout the map.

Source: TrackDota

Arteezy’s Butterfly was the last nail on the opponent's coffin. OG lost the first match and were one step away from relegation to the bottom bracket of the playoffs.

Source: AutoDota

Map Two 

Terrorblade reappeared for Evil Geniuses, this time under the protection of Ogre Magi and Elder Titan. OG picked Enchantress and Earthshaker, strengthened the draft with Tiny and mobilized Faceless Void. Oracle was the pick that later dragged on the second map on his sloping shoulders.

The map began at a moderate pace with alternating leadership of one or the other team. A couple of successful ganks from OG, and the European team entered midgame with a slight advantage. By the 30th minute, Evil Geniuses lost their fortifications on the central side and were several thousands behind in gold. At 38th minute, OG entered the opponent's bottom lane and destroyed the lower Tier-3 tower. OG somehow managed to defend.

The Europeans regrouped and besieged the top lane. Ana's excellent chronosphere covered three enemy characters and put an end to this game. Neither chaotic buybacks nor used BKBs saved Evil Geniuses from mega-creeps and inevitable defeat. The score in the series was even, and the intrigue spun to the limit.

Source: AutoDota

Map Three

Evil Geniuses picked Tiny and repeated the pair Mirana - Crystal Maiden. OG got Enchantress and re-believed in Topson's Invoker. 

The dynamics of the meeting were mostly calm: the teams understood that at this stage, the price of an error was too high. In the 17th minute, OG entered the enemy woods on the bottom lane and killed two enemy characters. And they did it without their main character, as Ana at that time was breaking the Tier-2 tower on EG's top lane. After a couple of minutes, the European team left their opponents without external fortifications. OG's draft was in full force. Even in bad fights, the invulnerable at this stage of the game Enchantress went forefront, saved the allies and turned the outcome of the fight. 

In the 24th minute, OG entered the opponent's midlane and with impunity destroyed first the Tier-3 tower and both barracks, twice killed Tiny, broke the bottom lane, regrouped and brought then completed the mega-creeps quest. The final fight happened at the 28th minute but was only of a nominal nature. Ceb's Enchantress single-handedly defeated the Evil Geniuses characters.

Source: AutoDota

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