#TI9 Playoffs: Day Four Results

Aug 23 2019 3 min read
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It was about to happen. After enchanting Thursday, we've got ourselves a rather calm Friday. Six competitive maps and a quick All-Stars match: the day ended four hours earlier than usual. So it's the time for a review.

No More Luck

We wrote a lot about the fact that Royal Never Give Up was very lucky in the Playoffs, and they made it to the Top 8 of The International with the help from someone above. Today we saw Team Liquid's fantastic play. It was they who proved that the Chinese have got too far. We saw two good maps, but everybody felt that there was a huge gap between the teams. Who needs the upper bracket? It seems that this is the true secret of the 2017 world champions!

A thing to be proud of

The Top-6 of The International is quite a clique not anyone can join. PSG.LGD, OG, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Vici Gaming, Team Secret - each of these teams have a superstar set of players. Infamous became the main revelation of the tournament, having fallen in love with a lot of spectators around the world, but all the good should ever end.

Puppey did not hesitate and picked two good rosters twice both based on Faceless Void + Tiny duo, adding at least one hero with a tough AoE ultimate and control/save heroes. It must be said that the Estonian gave the rivals the last chance to prove themselves brightly and come back home on the shield: at the beginning of the first map, Infamous seized a definite advantage and even broke the barracks, but this minute of glory came to an end.

Team Secret were supposed to get into the top-6, and they became the last participant in the Battle Royale where only one survivor will remain.

Next time, Arteezy

Yesterday, Evil Geniuses performed very well in the match against OG, but in the bottom bracket, they had practically no chance.

In the first map, the North American team took a combination of heroes with high damage but no control. Lifestealer, Kunkka, Lina, Centaur, Shadow Demon - all of them are great for tearing a single target but are not so great in a team fight against heroes like Faceless Void, Tidehunter and Mirana. Liquid had a very strong pick, which was especially revealed in the late game. We saw how Evil Geniuses tried to kill Miracle-, but he cancelled all the damage with a single Time Walk. Team Liquid stretched the game without a problem and won.

Evil Geniuses made a critical mistake in the second map by letting the enemy pick Alchemist and giving him space for farming. W33 immediately did the job: by the twentieth minute, he almost doubled (17000 against 9000) his gold advantage before Arteezy. Given how strong Alchemist is in the current patch, this turned out to be fatal. At the twenty-seventh minute, Team Liquid entered EG's base and ended the series.

The American team leaves the tournament, taking 5-6th place, and Team Liquid have reached the top-4.

Bonus: All-Stars Match

The show match was held in ARDM (All Random Death Match) mode, and we saw a quick and fun battle. The players had a glorious fight but the death limit was reached in less than 20 minutes. The most valuable player was SoNNeikO, which brought his fans 5 levels of Battle Pass.

There will be three meetings waiting for us tomorrow, as well as the cosplay contest. The game day will begin at 04:00 CEST.


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