#TI9: Playoffs Day 4 — Predictions

Aug 22 2019 3 min read

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There're only eight teams left. The fight is going to be even tighter now, and we'll try to do our best to predict the most possible outcomes.

Fantasy league

Sadly, the next three days are going to be rather simple in terms of fantasy sports. Tomorrow, it's either RNG or Team Liquid to play two matches. Generally speaking, it all comes down to choosing the winner of their meet-up, and the champions of The International 2017 are the chosen ones here.

04:00 CEST — Royal Never Give Up vs. Team Liquid

Lady Luck keeps favouring the Chinese team, although the players themselves are also performing fairly well. However, each match is getting tougher for them. Team Liquid has corrected the mistakes the crew was guilty of, and now they are prepared to advance for the top-6 at least. We believe they are capable of doing it based on their performance against TNC Predator.

Prediction: Royal Never Give Up 0:2 Team Liquid

08:00 CEST — Infamous Gaming vs. Team Secret

If Clement Ivanov keeps doing unthoughtful picks and coordinating his teammates poorly, the risk of the season's leaders missing the last two days of TI9 will be dangerously high. From the other hand, Infamous stays true to its predictable nature with a very limited pool of effective heroes. The Catburgers stick to their own style, and it is as much their strength as a weakness. If Puppey tunes his team well, there shouldn't be any problems for Secret. If not, the Cinderella tale will have its next chapter. Our warm prayers for Peru, our prudent thoughts for Secret.

Prediction: Infamous Gaming 1:2 Team Secret

12:00 CEST — Evil Geniuses vs. Liquid/RNG

If KuroKy gets to the fourth round of the lower bracket, then we can expect a highly intriguing match where all the three maps would be possible. In that case, it would be fairly hard to predict the winner. But if the Chinese win the Liquid — RNG meet-up, then they would hardly have enough power to defeat the flagship of the North American region.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses 2:1 Liquid/RNG

Bonus: the All-stars match

The show match will be played in the "All Random Death Match" format. You can pick one favourite player, and his success will grant you the Battlepass points. While the majority of Western players are likely to fool around and perform silly, serious and calm Somnus will probably earn the highest amount of points for the towers he'll destroy.

Prediction: Somnus

You can follow the newsfeed regarding The International 2019 via this link.


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