#TI9: Natus Vincere vs Vici Gaming

Aug 18 2019 3 min read

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Natus Vincere was in a situation where the team needed at least one winning map in a series with Vici Gaming, to leave the zone of 100% replay by the final match of the group stage. But the Chinese team wanted to win at least one map. Well, they made it and even more.

First map

Natus Vincere picked Slark for Crystallize, and MagicaL got Razor. Vici Gaming took Sven, Storm Spirit and Mirana. The presence of Sven at the start of the game was good for the Chinese team. Their advantage in gold reached a solid 7 thousand with a small difference in frags. In the fights between the teams, it turned out that Vici Gaming had an overly mobile pick and good stamina in long battles. 

Several fights ended for NAVI with the key characters' death, while VG kept all the heroes alive. After a half-hour milestone, "born to win" saved at the base, and the advantage of fighters from the Middle Kingdom grew to 20 thousand. Blizzy got stunned by Mirana's Sacred Arrow in a significant fight, by that he buried the small chance of victory for his team. Vici Gaming led in the series.

Image credit: @AutoDota

Second map

This map has become the most significant for NAVI in the entire group stage. Losing means almost guaranteed replay - a frustrating result for the team, which didn't fall below third place in the subgroup until the last day. "Born to win" picked Mars, fixing him with the usual Razor and Morphling. Vici Gaming responded with a strategy for 5x5 fights - Gyrocopter, Outworld Devourer and Sand King.

The Chinese team has been steadily increasing the advantage at the beginning of the game. Vici Gaming's graphics grew slowly, but confidently, they reached ten thousand by 25th minute. NAVI was "cut off" from the necessary farm, couldn't collect the artefacts required in time, as well as compete for Roshan, and lost their pace. Vici Gaming waited for a critical imbalance in gold and expectedly beat an opponent. NAVI lost the series at the 37th minute and lost a direct way to the top of the Playoff bracket.

Image credit: @AutoDota

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