#TI9: Fnatic vs Natus Vincere

Aug 17 2019 2 min read

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The next rival for NAVI in the TI9 group stage was Fnatic. The teams approached the start of the series with very different results. NAVI earned 7 points and didn't lose a single series in the first two days of the tournament's main stage. Fnatic has only three points and two defeats.

First map

The teams showed similar results up to midgame. At some point, "born to win" was with a thousand gold left until the necessary artefacts, but fights imposed by rivals continually delayed the purchase of the essential equipment.

Fnatic perfectly prepared for the match against NAVI, consistently beat Blizzy and w_Zayac, broke the initiation and eventually managed to punish the opponent for choosing the greedy "cores" Lone Druid and Gyrocopter.

Natus Vincere kept staying on the base since 20th minute, and after killing Gyrocopter, who spent all the money on the BKB and had no buyback, they admitted defeat on the first map.

Image credit: @AutoDota

Second map

The task of a successful NAVI revenge was laid on the shoulders of Sven, Razor and the signature Earth Spirit. Fnatic responded with Naga Siren, Timbersaw, Tiny and Leshrac. Fnatic, ready for early encounters, again seized an advantage at the beginning. Natus Vincere lost the initial standoff on the lines and was left without external Tiers. Fnatic was able to enter the opponent's base by the 20th minute and break down Tier-3, and then destroy the shrine.

NAVI's attempts were suppressed by Song of the Siren with an enviable consistency: each retreat cost "born to win" two or three heroes.

Fnatic sieged the opponent's base by the 30th minute and was able to kill the main rivals in a long fight. NAVI no longer had buybacks.

Image credit: @AutoDota

Fnatic started the day with a win, and Natus Vincere lost the first series in the TI9 group stage.

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