TI9 Battle Pass news: all the money and Treasures issues

May 08 2019 2 min read

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The International 2019 Battle Pass is not more than a day from a sort, but immediately after the release, one by one, exciting news came that concerns the money side of the issue. A couple of them we will analyze now.

Let's start with the bad news. The first and most unpleasant for players is the new Treasure recycling system in the Battle Pass. With the new BP, you can recycle items - duplicates only into new Treasures. It will cost you 4 skins, instead of the previous system, when a player could receive 2 BP levels for each Immortal item.

The Reddit user with the puppeyabductor nickname, who calls himself "an above average BP grinder", used his knowledge of mathematics and found out that:

"Removing treasure recycling will reduced points earned by at least 40% ( 278 levels if all duplicates are recycled) from last year battlepass. Reducing levels gained from treasure recycling is understandable, but removing it completely is really discouraging."


Source: Reddit

Moreover, other users noticed that many players can stay with three extra items from the first Treasure because of the new system. They can not be sold or exchanged through the Community Market on Steam

You can only get one Immortal Treasure II up to the one hundredth BP level. Previously, the second and third sets could be obtained earlier, and due to duplicate processing, users had the opportunity to collect more different "chests". The player will have to sweat to get items not from the first collection without buying levels.

Recall that TI9 Battle Pass level 1 costs $9.99, and every 24 levels will cost you $9.99, too.


Let's finish with good news: at the time of the article publication, the amount of fees for The International 2019 main cash prize is $6,288,945, which is already more than 24% of the 2018 prize value.


Online tracker for curious people can be found here. For comparison, the performance of the TI8 Battle Pass


As Matthew Bailey correctly noted, the current amount was collected this year much faster than in the past.

Well, excellent performance for Valve and, in principle, not very astounding for Dota 2 fans, who have been waiting for the Battle Pass to appear with great impatience this year. In some ways, their expectations were pleasantly justified, in some - not.

Did you purchase the TI9 Battle Pass? Are you satisfied with the content? Share with us in the comments.

The main picture: Shaylyn Alia Hamm 

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