This month, Sea of Thieves will receive a huge anniversary update

Apr 10 2019 2 min read

This month, Sea of Thieves will receive a huge anniversary update ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Sea of Thieves was somewhat close to No Man’s Sky, but obviously, the scale of disappointment in regards to the latest game from the Rare studio was a lot smaller than in the case of the Hello Games’ project, which failed to meet most of the highly raised expectations.

Sea of Thieves was rather fun despite the fact that the game lacked a reasonable amount of engaging and entertaining content. The gameplay was mostly focused on monotonous grinding, and even at the level of a Pirate Legend, you couldn’t do anything else but to grind even further. Luckily, Rare was keen on the idea to make the game an enjoyable experience, and that dedication led to the series of various content drops. But perhaps the most significant one is yet to be released – the developers have shared the details in regards to the huge – and we mean it – Anniversary Update, scheduled to come out this month, on April 30.

There’re two worthy novelties. The first one is the new Arena mode, which sees five teams of four players competing against each other within a small area. At the start of the round, each team receives a number of treasure maps, which will lead them to the booties located on the islands. Of course, your opponents will be doing the same, so it’s a fair PvP mode for you to enjoy non-stop pirate action. Several parts of ships can be damaged separately, and you’ll likely find yourself in situations where you have to repair the wheel or the anchor.

The second addition is a new story chapter for the familiar adventure mode called Tall Tales: Shores of Gold. This new questline will introduce the largest island to the game’s shared world and another faction. You’ll meet new enemies, discover new enchantments for the items, and finally do some fishing and cooking. For more information, head on to the official website.

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You can play Sea of Thieves for free this week
You can play Sea of Thieves for free this week

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