There won’t be Dishonored 3 any time soon

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Arkane Studios seems to be “resting”... just as the franchise

“Prey”, “Dishonored”, “Bioshock 2”, “Dishonored 2” with “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider” expansion - the list of games brought to this world with the help of Arkane Studios can go on. Prey and Dishonored 2 expansion were one of the best games of 2017.  But apparently there won’t be new Dishonored game in any foreseeable future. 

According to the company’s lead designer Ricardo Bare, who got interviewed by VG247 at QuakeCon. He said “I can’t say definitively what might happen down the road, anything could happen, but [Dishonored] is resting for now.”

Based on his words, the decision has nothing to do with the sales but more with the Arkane wanting to make new things (aka games). 

“As far as pure immersive sims go, I don’t know if we’re going to continue to make like carbon copy – this qualifies as an immersive sim and it’s the only thing we’re ever going to make. The things that are important to us as a studio are coherent, deep world building and environmental storytelling – we’re always going to craft spaces that you feel like you’re visiting, whether it’s Dunwall or Talos 1. It’s just as important a character as the player or the people you meet. Then it’s improvisational gameplay – giving players a bunch of cool abilities and tools, then saying, ‘You figure it out, you be creative, you own the experience’. And, typically, we stick to first-person, though that’s not a hard rule and we might try other things from time to time.”

It goes without saying that both original Dishonored game and its second installment and expansion were superb, to say the least. Entire franchise got highly and equally praised by the critics and players, claiming many nominations and several awards along the way. 

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