TheMainManSWE compiles Tekken 7 tier list from online win rate data

Mar 01 2020 2 min read
Bandai Namco

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Swedish Tekken player TheMainManSWE has taken a different approach to tier lists this time as he has created one using Tekken 7 online win rate data.  

Unlike most tier lists that represent the creator's own opinion, TheMainManSWE's uses real-world data to determine which characters the majority of Tekken 7's playerbase consistently does well with. His method doesn't take the total number of games played and such into consideration but it's still a nice take.  

The tier list tries to look at the Tekken roster from the perspective of beginner and intermediate players to determine which characters are best for them. Only a small percentage of players make it to the top tier and pro levels, so one could say TheMainManSWE's tier list is for the majority of fans.  


It comes as no surprise that Leroy Smith has the highest winrate in the game, considering he was overpowered upon release and was a popular pick by many with an extremely high winrate. He's joined in S-tier by Ganryu, Zafina, Kuma, Geese Howard, and Marduk. A-tier features characters like Negan, Lucky Chloe, Panda, Katalina, and Bob. 

A reoccurring theme on the tier list is how gimmicky and simplistic characters that are easy to use are higher up, while those that are more technical sit around the bottom. Considering most beginners and intermediate players aren't putting in the amount of work top tier players do, they learn less about the characters in the game and how to deal with them. So it makes sense that the easy to use fighters would be the more popular picks and would have more wins against players on their level that pick harder to use characters. 

Credit for the online win rate data goes to Reddit user qasilq, who shared it with the community about a week ago. You can check out TheMainManSWE's full video below and the win rate data here.  


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