The Witcher 3: Wolf School Gear - How to Get It

Sep 02 2019 5 min read

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most interesting action role-playing games ever made. The main character in the game is called Geralt of Rivia who is known as The Witcher. He is a powerful monster hunter who has a wide variety of weapons such as bombs, crossbows, swords and more. Having said that, all this firepower is useless unless you have the proper armor to save you from attacks. 

There are many different types of armors available in the game which are all very useful. However, the recent DLC update which happened in June brought a new medium armor called the Wolf Set. It quickly became very popular because it has pretty good all-around stats as well as physical damage bonuses, which are always welcomed.

There are four variations of this set currently available - Basic, Enhanced, Superior, and Mastercrafted. Needless to say, in order to upgrade your set, you need to get the basic one first. However, finding it is easier said than done, which is why we decided to make this guide for you so that you can find the wolven armor location.

How to get the Wolf armor - Finding the Basic Set

Your quest towards the basic sets starts at Kaer Morhen which is pretty far away so you will probably have to Fast Travel to it. Once you get there, head to the road which goes to the old Signal Tower very close to the caste. Go to the top of the tower and look for a big chest on the ground - it contains a note inside and when you open it, you will start the quest for this wolf set.

The actual quest is not that hard to do. You can start by using your special witcher senses int he first level of the tower which will help you to activate the crystal on the wall. Of course, you can only do this by using your Aard sign so keep it in mind. After that, head back to the entrance of the tower and you will find the second crystal which you need to get. Once you get it and activate both of them, a portal will appear in front of you which you need to take.

It will take you to the Garrison close to the castle where you have to find the diagram for the steel sword of this wolf set. It is located on the north side where you landed, which means that you need to find a way to get there. There are two options here - either you walk or you can get the boat. 

Enhancing your set 

  • The first item that will make your set better is the Enhanced Wolven Chest Armor. In order to find it, you need to go to a small island located south of the Fyke Isle. However, keep it in mind that the item is actually underwater, so you will have to do a little bit of swimming in order to get it.
  • Enhanced Wolven Boots is the second item you need. It is located in a cave near the eastern side of Velen.
  • Enhanced Wolven Silver Sword - in order to get this item, you need to go to the same place where you stumbled across the Bloody Baron before - inside a cave near Crow's Perch. Needless to say, you will have to go all the way down to the very end of the cave before you find the chest which contains this item.
  • Enhanced Wolven Trousers - these trousers are inside an underwater chest located in the lake near Kaer Morhen.
  • Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets - you can find thee very close to a cave located in the south of Kaer Morhen.  Once you go there, just follow the path and you will eventually find what you came for.
  • The last piece here is the Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets. In order to get them, go to the north side of Kaer Morhen and look for the big stone ramp there. When you finally find it, look for the entrance and the diagram will be right there.

Superior Wolven Set

  • The Superior Wolven Silver Sword is in the Skellige. Once there, look for a big tomb and you will find the chest inside.
  • The Superior Wolven Steel Sword is located on the south-west side of Lofoten. Upon arriving, look for a big abandoned tower and once you find it, use something to flame up the gas which you will find there. It is worth pointing out that the gas recovers itself very quickly so you might end up igniting it a couple of times before you can get your hands on the chest.
  • In order to get the Super Wolven Armor, go to Fyresdal and try looking for a very long walkway there. Follow it through and you will see the chest at the very end of it.
  • The Superior Wolven Boots, Trousers and Gauntlets are all located in Kaer Morhen. The boots are on the east side in a cave near the river; trousers can be found in the big room used for rituals inside the fortress there; gauntlets are inside an old mine there but in order to get them, you will have to fight a big earth elemental which is capable of doing a decent amount of damage.

Mastercraft Wolven Set

  • The chest armor and the steel sword are located in the southern part of Velen. Just go there and you will be able to find them easily.
  • The Mastercrafted Wolven Silver Sword is inside a box near the Nilfgaardian Camp. However, before you can open it, you will have to kill a Fiend there who also happens to hold the keys for the box.
  • The Mastercraft Boots can be found inside a tower in Skellige. It has signs of fallen stones from it so you will notice it right away.
  • Last, but definitely not least, we have the Mastercrafterd Wolven Gauntlets. They are located in Ard Skelling where there are a couple of enemies guarding it. However, it is not necessary to actually kill them. Instead, you can just go from the other side and avoid conflict. But let's be real, it will feel way better if you just go and deal with them.

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