The Witcher 3: Ursine (Bear) School Gear - Locations & How to Get It

Oct 18 2019 7 min read

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The Ursine School Gear is one of the best item choices in The Witcher 3. However, in order to be able to utilize it perfectly, you need to know where to find the diagrams.  This is where this guide will come in handy because it will save you a lot of time.

Similar to the other types of gear available right now, there are four different types of this set - Basic, Enhanced, Superior, and Mastercrafted. 

Basic Ursine School Gear  - Boots, Armor, Trousers and Gauntlets Diagrams

The cool thing about this collection is that you can find the Bear Armor and the other components mentioned above all in one place. This makes it a lot easier to complete.

So, to begin, head to an island called An Skelling. There are a couple of ways which you can do this but the fast travel to Urialla Harbor seems like the fastest. However, it is possible that you don't have this spot on the map because it is pretty far away. If this is your case, just go to some of the nearby places and take the big road located west of Trail.

Once you go there, you need to be on the lookout for a bunch of stairs that go down. Follow them and you will find yourself in a dungeon full of Wraiths. Needless to say, you need to clean the entire dungeon which is fairly easy because those enemies are not powerful.  As you progress, you will eventually reach a crossroads, which is when you need to take the right turn. From there, kill the remaining Wraiths and got to the big throne. You will find the chest which contains the Bear School Trousers, Gauntlets, Boots and Armor diagram in the chest right next to it.

Bear School Crossbow Diagram

The next cool item from this set is the bear crossbow, which is one of the coolest looking weapons in the game right now. It is located in Spikeroog, which means that you need to fast travel to the Svorlag signpost. From there, enter the first big cave you see and go until the very end. Once you reach it, you will see a big Cyclopes which you have to deal with. Kill him and climb up the rocks next to where he was sitting in order to loot the Crossbow Diagram.

Bear School Steel Sword Diagram

The Bear Sword is located in Ard Skelling, which means that you need to fast travel again. Upon landing, head to the coast and search for a ruined inn there. When you find it, use Aard in order to clear your way and go straight to the basement where you'll find the chest guarded by two Wraiths. Kill them and open the chest to get your diagram.

 Bear School Silver Sword Diagram

Again, this one is in Ard Skelling but this time you need to go Fort Etnir. Enter there and search for a locked room guarded by an ice elemental. Take him down and go inside to get your Silver Sword diagram.

 Bear School Armor– Enhanced Diagram

Now, let's take a look at the Enhanced variation of this set. The first item to get here is the bear armor, which means that you need to go to Ard Skelling again. Head over to Grotto and clear the room from the enemies inside. As soon as you're ready, use your Witcher Senses in order to spot the chest which contains the diagram.

Bear School Boots, Gauntlets and Silver Sword – Enhanced Diagram

All of the items mentioned above are located in Ard Skelling. If you wish to get the boots first, head to the Wild Shore singpost and then take the road which will lead into the woods. After a couple of minutes, you will find a big house full of Wraiths inside. Go in, kill them and use your Witcher Senses to detect the chest with the diagram.

The Gauntlets are located on the east side of the Rogne signpost. Just keep following the road there until you reach an old, ruined tower. It is important to note that, depending on whether you arrive during the day or no, this place might actually be free of enemies. Regardless, just enter inside and open the chest which contains this diagram.

Located in Kaer Gelen, the Silver Sword is a must if you want to have the full set. Having said that, getting your hands on the diagram might be a little bit harder compared to the rest because you need to go through two mountains. Needless to say, there will be a lot of enemies while you're doing this, so be prepared. Eventually, you will reach a big white castle where you have to go to the basement and use your Witcher Sense to detect the chest.

Bear School Trousers – Enhanced Diagram

This diagram is located in Undvik, which means you will need to get a boat once you go there. Travel to the Marlin Coast signpost and then look for a big cave. After clearing your way in, just explore a little bit and you will find the chest inside.

 Bear School Steel Sword – Enhanced Diagram

The steel sword is the last piece of the puzzle and it is located on the Prison Island. Once you fast travel to this place, follow the road which will lead you to a big old fortress. Of course, there will be some enemies during your path but this is expected. 

When you're done killing them, go inside and check the chest.

 Bear School Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Trousers, Steel and Silver Sword – Superior Diagrams

Similar to the Enhanced version, you can find a couple of the armor pieces in one place. In order to get them, use the fast travel to the Hangman's Tree signpost and head northwest. After a couple of minutes of walking, you will end up in front of a big cave. Enter, clear it out and find the chest that holds the four diagrams - Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, and Trousers.

With that out of your mind, head over to the Ruined Tower and look for a couple of stone ruins next to it. One of them contains the chest for the Steel Sword but you can only find it by using your Witcher Sence. However, be careful because there are enemies everywhere, so you will have to defend yourself.

Lastly, the Silver Sword diagram is located near The Orphans of Crookback Bog signpost. Upon arriving, go towards the swamp until you reach a big tree. Climb up and you will find the last piece of the puzzle after which your Superior Bear School Gear will be completed.

Bear School Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Trousers, Silver and Steel Swords– Mastercrafted Diagrams 

The first four diagrams are all located at the very end of the south road which you take from Velen. When you arrive, look for a big tower which appears to have been burnt. Pop your Witcher Senses and you will find the chest which holds the Mastercrafted diagrams for the Bear School Armor, Gauntlets, Boots and Trousers.

Next, prepare yourself to get the Steel Sword. The first step is going to the Abandoned Tower signpost and then take the road which goes into the forest. Once you are halfway through it, look for a cave that has some strange signs on it (you won't be able to really miss it because it stands out). Go inside, clear it from enemies and you will find the chest which contains the Mastercrafted Bear School Steel Sword diagram inside.

The last item to get here is the Mastercrafted Silver Sword diagram. The fastest way of doing it is by going to the Bald Mountain signpost and head northwest. From there, you need to swim towards the small island right next to the signpost and you will find the chest with the diagram.


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