The Witcher 3 developers might launch an online game store

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The Witcher 3 developers might launch an online game store

Hopefully, the store won’t get its own game launcher.

CD Projekt RED has created an online survey asking people about their online shopping habits related to gaming. Many questions in that survey touch on physical merchandise which suggests that the studio will not sell digital copies of its games.

We are very close to the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 release date, which should hit retail next Spring. The game features a protagonist named V, who we will grow to love and adore. Thousands of fans will want to purchase real-life items to be able to share this fandom with their friends & family. CDPR might release the store to be able to provide the goods that will be in demand.

Fans of the Witcher series likely won’t be forgotten as well. With the Netflix adaptation of the books and the success of Gwent, Geralt and Siri figurines should be a huge success.

We only hope that CDPR won’t release a store with another game launcher. This decision could be financially sound, but it will damage the studio’s identity. It would also damage the GoG Store since many people use it exclusively to launch The Witcher 3 or Gwent.

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