The Top Super Smash Brothers Creepypastas This Halloween

Oct 22 2020 7 min read

Halloween is here again! And after scouring the internet, these are the creepypastas I found the most intriguing

Halloween is just over a week away. It's a day when we celebrate all things creepy, and that also means we can talk about the darker side of video games. This has been particularly fun for me as Halloween isn't celebrated in my country, so getting a chance to write about it was incredibly intriguing. 

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite mediums of scares: creepypastas. I am generally fascinated by creepypastas that focus on cartoons from our childhood. So, stuff like the creepypasta for Rugrats, Winnie the pooh, and so on are so much fun to read. But, our remit here is fighting games, so the creepypastas on display today are all centered around fighting games. I want to zero in on Super Smash Bros in particular since it features characters that are thought to be child-friendly, and I find that creepy stories involving figures from childhood or typically harmless characters scare me the most. 

Therefore, I spent the better part of the week reading most of the Super Smash Bros creepypastas, mostly found on the someordinarygamers wiki page. On finding the stories, I was really excited about them, but as time went on, I realized that not many held my interest or were very creepy at all. That said, I did find a treasure trove of interesting and sometimes heartwarming stories. Below, I'll examine the four stories I liked the most. These aren't particularly the scariest stories out there, but they were perhaps the best constructed and viable. If you find any of them interesting, you can, of course, check them out on the wiki page. 

Super Smash Bros Melee: Happiness is Contagious

Unfortunately, the writer of this story didn't leave a name. The story, while not particularly scary, had a lot of heart. The protagonist had a best friend known as Ada. Ada was always smiling and was a delight to be with. Soon enough, all the storyteller's friends loved Ada and were more than happy to hang out with her. Ada was a great friend, constantly smiling with a kind word for everyone. In addition, she was a great hacker, so she started a YouTube channel where she played hacked games and shared with her audience. One day, Ada confessed to the storyteller that she had a crush on a fellow YouTuber called Bob. Soon after, Ada was late for a meetup, and when the storyteller and another friend called Parker went to see what was wrong, they witnessed an ambulance in front of Ada's home. She was rushed to the hospital and was soon pronounced dead. Ada's death was a horrible shock to her friends, and everyone was distraught for a while. 

Time passed, and the storyteller finally decided to visit Ada's room. She was permitted by Ada's mom, who knew them as bosom buddies. She allowed herself to play on Ada's Gamecube, which was left behind. She found a Super Smash Bros Melee game in the CD drive of Ada's computer and decided to pop it in and relive some of the fun times she had with Ada. On starting the game, things seemed normal until she got to the select screen. Here, she noticed that the music was weird. Also, the characters were all dressed in black. She assumed that this was just another hack from Ada and kept playing. She faced off against a slew of characters till she finally took on Master Hand, who was black in this iteration of the game. After clearing the game and enduring the weird music, she got to the trophy drop and the credits, after which three messages showed up. 

They were labeled 'Ada's Message I,' 'Ada's Message II,' and 'Ada's Message III. Creeped out, she decided to open it, and there she read what turned out to be Ada's last messages. In it, Ada explained why she was always smiling and how getting brushed off by Bob literally killed her. The third message, which was oddly dated 'February' considering Ada died in January, basically said that she hoped the sadness that killed her would never affect her friends. Immediately after, the storyteller found herself smiling and unable to stop. On meeting Parker later, the storyteller offered to show him the hack Ada made. When Parker asked why she kept smiling, the storyteller simply said, "Oh no…it's her smile,

"It's very contagious...and I'm sure Ada would not want us to stay sad forever."

Soon, Parker was smiling too. 

Author- Unknown

Pumpkin smile

Super Smash Bros. Psychosis

Super Smash Bros Brawl ruined his life! He and Devon were fraternal twins, so unlike normal twins, they didn't exactly look alike. However, they were very close and did everything together. While their parents weren't rich, the family was able to fend for itself pretty well. One day, when the twins turned 17, their parents got them a secondhand Wii with two games: Zelda: Twilight Princess and SSBB. Since the latter was a two-player game, the twins played that most of the time. Devon was a better player and would routinely win against his brother. Soon, tired of losing, the storyteller steered clear of the game for a while. But this was when the dreams began. 

In the dreams, the brothers played as usual, but Devon, using Donkey Kong, became increasingly violent against his brother's Pikachu. Soon, the beating became way beyond normal, with Pikachu suffering some serious damage. Not only that, but the damage Pikachu suffered was evident on its body! The scoreboard read: DK 1 Pikachu 0. Time went on, and the dreams only became more violent, with Pikachu suffering beating after beating, usually left in a heap at the end of the dream. It was then that the storyteller began to notice that Devon didn't seem to ever leave the front of the TV. Every waking moment was used to play SSBB. It got so bad that Devon begged to be left out even when the family went on vacation. 

Their parents agreed.

They shouldn't have

When they returned, the house was in an absolute state. Devon had not left the front of the TV. Haggard, emaciated, and disgusting, Devon paid no mind to his appearance and only kept playing. In a rage, their father ripped out the power cord, turning off the game. Devon flew into a rage and almost attacked his father. His brother had the presence of mind to hide the game CD in a drawer. That night, he had the same dream, only this time, after the massacre, the scoreboard now read: Devon 32, and instead of 'Pikachu' the message read 'save yourself.'

The storyteller awoke in horror only to find Devon on top of him, covering his mouth and asking where the game was. Helpless, his brother pointed to where he had hidden the game, and Devon went to retrieve it. In a daze, he attacked Devon, and in the scramble, the disk snapped. 

That was not good

Devon pummeled his brother, ready to kill him but for the intervention of their parents. Seeing that his beloved game was now gone, Devon grabbed a broken half of the CD and plunged the sharp end into his neck! Blood gushed, people screamed, and soon, Devon was dead.

Needless to say, the storyteller never touched Smash again. 

Author- Unknown

Donkey Kong and Diddy

Super Smash Bros. 4: GLITCHED

Our storyteller is a Smash lover and was stoked when Smash 4 came out on the Wii U. Desperate to play the game, he searched everywhere for the game but was always told that it was sold out. Out of options, he finally went into a store he usually frequented that sold games on the cheap. He asked for Smash and was once again told that there were no copies left. Determined, he begged till the owner admitted to having a slightly 'different' copy that was only to be sold to a special person. He bought the game and skipped home, excited to finally try the game out. On booting up the game, he noticed that his copy of the game was a tad different. All the characters looked weird and deformed, almost like caricature designs. 

Glitchy Mario

Weirded out by this, he posted some of the images online and got a deluge of replies. Soon, he garnered some infamy for his weird screen captures. But the more he played, the worst he felt, and the more corrupted his memories of the game became. He was so traumatized that he stayed away from the game and social media in general. As time went on, he got better— until he got a strange email from Nintendo. The email, sent by someone called Shinya Takahashi, has remained unopened to this day as he is too scared to see what is inside. Although he believes it might have something to do with all his posts that keep getting deleted. 


Author- Professor TayTay 


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