The Top 10 Soulcalibur Players of All Time

Mar 22 2021 5 min read

Among the multitude, we find 10 of the best to ever do it

Okay, honestly, the ‘best of all time’ tag has been a tad overused, but there are few phrases in the English language that better define the level of skill necessary to be considered one of the best over a prolonged period. 

Soulcalibur is a wildly popular game that has enjoyed a decent run in the competitive scene and has produced several great players. However, in the pantheon of great players, a few stand out as being some of the very best. In this list, we take a look at some of them and what they have brought to the game.

Please note that this ranking isn’t definitive and is mostly random. Therefore, each player’s placement doesn’t really matter, only that they are considered one of the best from the game.

Jérémy "Skyll" Bernard

Many consider Skyll to be one of the best Soulcalibur players to exist. One of several great french players, Skyll has been an ever-present in any Soulcalibur leaderboard. He took first place in the Soulcalibur world invitational in 2019 and in the same year came 3rd at Evo. His gamer tag comes from a  fanfiction his brother wrote and is pronounced as ‘Sky-ll’; however, most people just pronounce it ‘Ski-ll.’  His skill (pun absolutely intended) with Mitsurugi is unparalleled, and his style is beautiful to watch. He is currently tied to TeamOplon.



Zain ‘Bluegod’ T

Bluegod is a United States of America Soulcalibur player that currently represents Team BWV. His insane consistency with the character Azwel is remarkable as he regularly makes the top 8 in just about any tournament he finds himself. He was also the Evo Japan champion in 2020, the last major offline event for Soulcalibur VI. He also won Summer Jam 13 and was runner-up at Evo 2019


Kevin "Keev" Akre

Keev is another member of the large French contingent that dominates the Soulcalibur series. He burst into the scene in 2018 but really started to shine the following year. He took first place at Evo Japan in 2019 and was also the VSFighting Champion taking the top spot over fellow countryman Skyll. His use of Nightmare has given many of his know— nightmares. In addition to the intimidating character, his spacing ability is also of note as he successfully uses this to subdue opponents.


Marie-Laure "Kayane" Norindr

Kayane, as she is most well-known, is the third French Soulcalibur player on this list. She has incredible pedigree, and her ability with B2 and Xianghua is not in question. In terms of tournament placements, she has recorded some remarkable results, including taking top spot at Celtic Throwdown 2019. She also made top 8 at both Evo 2018 and 19, and even though she has started focusing more on her career as an esports journalist, she is still one of the most impressive players around at the moment.


Michael "PartyWolf" Stabile 

PartyWolf is an American Soulcalibur player with Accelerate Gaming. He has been around for a little while, even competing in Soulcalibur V, which isn’t something we can say about a lot of players. PartyWolf has been pretty consistent, regularly making top 3 in the Bud Light Beer League and even taking top spot in one of them. In addition, he was also runner-up at DreamHack Atlanta 2019 and NorthWest Majors XI. He took the top spot at the Soulcalibur World Invitational 2019 and is considered one of the world’s best Kilik players.


Yuta “Yuttoto” Sudo

Japan has long since been considered the strongest FGC scene as they have so many top players in various fighting games. Therefore, it isn’t unsurprising to find several Japanese players as the top names in any given fighting game (except Mortal Kombat). However, Soulcalibur doesn’t have as many top players, which is why Yuttoto is such a noteworthy name. The Voldo and Azwel user ignited the scene with a stunning victory at the 2019 iteration of the Evo Championship. Since then, he hasn’t been as regularly seen as he doesn’t enter into so many competitions, but he did win the Soulcalibur Online Challenge: Japan and take 2nd place at Evo Japan 2020


Jovian "Shen Chan" Chan

Shen Chan is easily Singapore’s biggest export for Soulcalibur. He is also widely regarded as the best Cervantes globally. His pedigree in Soulcalibur is unquestionable, and apart from runner-up spots at Evo Japan 2019 and Soulcalibur Asia League Finals Singapore 2019, he has also placed well at CEO 2019 and World Showdown of Esports 7. A veteran of the game, Shen Chan was runner-up at Evo way back in 2012 in the only tournament where Soulcalibur V was played. 

Shen Chan

Mike "Sandman" Sandman

While he bears the name of a Spiderman villain, Sandman is an all-around cool dude. His biggest win so far was at Frosty Faustings XI in 2019. Apart from this win, he is a really consistent performer and is regularly placed in the top 8 of tournaments.


Nathan "Linkorz" Mandell

Linkorz is an American player who, like his colleague, Bluegod, represents Team BWV. He was arguably the game’s most decorated player over the first year of its existence, with big wins at Combo Breaker 2019, Northeast Championship 2019, Summer Jam 12, and so on. Using a combination of Siegfried, Geralt, and Groh, he was dominant in most tournaments he entered. He is certainly not a player you want to take on in a tournament setting.


Daniel “DTN” Vu

Daniel “Dan the Nightmare” Vu is one of the pioneers of Soulcalibur in the competitive scene. He was the winner of the inaugural Soulcalibur Evo Championship and was the best French player on the planet for a period. He was also one of the main protagonists in the French-American Soulcalibur rivalry. In more recent years, he has still shown his quality with a runner-up placing at Brussels Challenge Winter Fights 2019 and decent performances in several other tournaments. It isn’t possible to talk about the history of Soulcalibur in esports without mentioning DTN


It’s 2021, and new players are set to hit the scene. It is our hope that we will see some new champions emerge and get more chances to see our favorite players strut their stuff.

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