The results of the WePlay Academy League Season 4

Jun 27 2022 2 min read

Results and finalists of WePlay Academy League's fourth season

Yesterday came to an end the forth WePlay Academy League season, which began on May 24th 2022. Thanks to it, we saw 13 awesome teams compete on 3 different stages, with many heated confrontations and a lot of highlights!

Each team managed to prove itself, compete for the cash prize, as well as earn respect and new fans.

Grand Final WePlay Academy League Season 4

The last battle was between MOUZ NXT and BIG Academy. Yep, the same MOUZ team, which already won three previous academies.

Nuke - 16:6 (in favor of MOUZ NXT);

Dust 2 - 16:13 (MOUZ NXT won).

MOUZ NXT picked Nuke for themselves and consistently dominated throughout the whole game. BIG won 6 critical for the CT rounds, but MOUZ boys were much more confident and crushed their opponents. And although BIG Academy did their best to get some advantage from time to time, they were still unable to finish the round with a win. This map was a delight for captain siuhy, who demonstrated an excellent game.

BIG Academy, in turn, picked Dust 2. The beginning was pretty smooth, both of the teams were on the same level. The score was on the verge and BIG Academy wanted to have a third map, but MOUZ NXT skillfully changed the course of the game with some professional decisions. BIG Academy, however, had some critical errors and misunderstandings.

Congratulations to MOUZ NXT for the fourth successful victory at the WePlay Academy League esports tournament!

Prize fund

Teams' places and rewards:

  1. MOUZ NXT — $45 000;
  2. BIG. OMEN Academy — $20 000;
  3. FURIA Academy — $15 000;
  4. Fnatic Rising — $8 000;
  5. Astralis Talent — $4 000;
  6. YN.GamerPay — $4 000;
  7. 00Prospects — $1 500;
  8. OG Academy — $1 500;
  9. Young Gods — $500;
  10. NAVI Junior — $500;
  11. Apeks Rebels
  12. Spirit Academy
  13. Eternal Fire Academy

Special thanks to our Ukrainian-speaking talents who create an amazing atmosphere at every event and support Ukrainian content.

  • Oleksandr "Enkanis" Polishchuk;
  • Yuri "strike" Tereshchenko;
  • Oleksiy "yXo" Maletsky;
  • Olesya "Olesami" Denisenko.

And this is the end of our tournament! Thanks to everyone who watched our broadcasts, left comments, gave subscriptions and stayed with us for this exciting event. Our entire WePlay Esports team has been working hard on WePlay Academy League Season 4 to make a good show for true esports fans. We are looking forward to new tournaments in the nearest future. Follow our esports news and don't miss any announcements!


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