The Outer Worlds: Unique Weapons and Armor Guide

Nov 04 2019 6 min read

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The Outer Worlds is a game that has a lot to offer, especially if you are into those type of adventure games that have a cool story. Players can choose between different factions, weapons, armours and various dialogue options in order to navigate through this dangerous place. 

There are different types of weapons and armours to choose from in this game. Some of them are very "potent" and have the firepower to take down every enemy, whereas others are not that effective. That said, all of them have some stimulating effect to it that adds up to the unique experience you get in The Outer Worlds.

The most reliable weapons in the game are called Science weapons and they can be obtained via a quest called "Weapons From The Void".  On the other hand, when it comes down to armour, it is a critical aspect of the game that helps you neglect some of the incoming damage while also receiving buffs to your stats.

Similar to the weapons, certain armour pieces are a lot better than others, which is why we decided to give you a list of all the Unique Armours and Weapons that you can get in The Outer Worlds right now. Let's dive in.

Unique Weapons

  • Montag - this is a select type of flamethrower that uses plasma and is capable of dealing devastating damage. In order to get your hand on it, you need to kill Captain MacRedd and loot it. Keep it in mind that this weapon uses a lot of ammo, so only use it when you genuinely need it.
  • Irion's Flintlock - this weapon has the ability to fire two shots at once, which is very useful in certain sticky situations. If you wish to get it, you need to go to Scylla and talk to Captain Irion
  • Anarchist's Cookbook - one of the coolest weapons in the game, this is a grenade launcher that has the power to do insane amounts of damage. However, getting your hands on this weapon is not an easy thing to do because you need to finish a mission called "By His Bootstraps" that's located in Roseway.
  • Peacekeeper - this is a shotgun that can be used to kill someone vert fast because it has a very fast fire rate. If you want to have it, you need to go to Edgewater and get it from the police constable.
  • Phin's Phorce -  this is a very modified rifle that has the power to shoot 3 bullets that also have N-ray energy. In other words, the last thing you want is to be on the way of this gun. You can find this rifle when you get to the very end of the game during a quest called "Kept Secret But Not Forgotten".
  • Long Ranger -  Getting your hands on this weapon is not that hard because all you need to do is to kill Grace Romero, who is located at the Botanical Labs in Edgewater. As the name suggests, this weapon allows you to shoot from a distance which should keep you save. It's equipped with a particular scope mod.
  • Euthanasia Kit - having one of the coolest names in the game, this gun allows you to do insane amounts of damage, even though it doesn't use any sort of "heavy" ammunition. If you want to get it, you need to go to Monarch and search for a big container outside the bix house there.
  • Ulti Nature - this weapon can only be obtained via a quest called "Vulcan's Hammer". Once you complete it, you need to talk to either Roseway or Orson Shaw. The cool thing about this weapon is that its bullets have the power to bounce from different surfaces. This means that you can do a high amount of damage with just one shot, especially if your surroundings are in your favour.
  • Anti-Manti Ray - this weapon is the nightmare to machines in The Outer Worlds because it deals corrosive damage. As you can imagine, just a small hit from it can cause havoc, which is why having this weapon is very important. If you wish to get it, you need to go east from the Devil's Peak Summit on Monarch.
  • Thunder - once you exit the Devil's Peak Caverns, you will come across a house, and if you go inside, you will find this gun. It has a decent punch, which makes having it worthwhile.
  • Primal Tamer's Baton - this weapon is excellent against primals, but that's pretty much it. You can get it from a dead body in Scylla.
  • Supper Time - you can only get this weapon via a quest called "The Secret People". Upon starting it, you will enter a house, which is where you need to check every single room in it to find it.
  • Rapti-prod - as the name suggests, this weapon does a lot of damage against Raptidons, which is pretty cool. That said, it does not really do that much damage against other types of enemies, so it's not really worth getting it.

Unique Armours

  • Sublight Contractor Helm - this is a lightweight helmet that looks pretty cool, even though it does not add all that much protection. However, it provides +25% damage to creatures, which is still pretty good.
  • Purpleberry Police Helmet - another helmet that doesn't really provide all that much protection because it's lightweight. However, it gives a 10% reduction in the price of bribers, which can be useful in certain situations.
  • Welder's Googles - this item provides a 15% bonus to engineering, and it looks cool but other than that, it doesn't really offer much value.
  • Iconoclast Apostle Helmet - this helmet is pretty cool because it provides a 5% bonus to your melee attacks. That said, if you want to get it, you have to finish a quest called "The Commuter", which is found on Monarch.
  • Researcher's Mask - yet another helmet that has a very cool effect. It increases your bleeding effects by 30%, which is absolutely devastating in certain situations. However, the protection it offers is not that good, so it's something that you need to keep in mind.
  • A Nice Hat - the last headpiece on our list provides a 5% increase to leadership and a 7% increase to persuade, making it very useful to those of you who don't want to dive in dialogues too mich. If you are interested in getting it, you need to go to the ruins of Stellar Bay found on Monarch.
  • Iconoclast  Apostle Armour - this is an excellent armour piece that offers very good protection, as well as decent bonuses to your melee weapon. You can get this armour a mission called "Suckers Bait" found on Monarch.
  • MSI Elite Armour - this is a fresh set of body armour that provides +5 to your ranged weapons skills. Even though it doesn't really look that good, it still has what it takes to do the job.
  • Raptidon Handler's Armour - yet another body armour that has a cool effect of +5 to your dialogue skills. However, don't be fooled by its name - it does not provide any sort of extra protection from Raptidons. If you are interested in getting it, you need to go to the Roseway Luxury Apartments and look for it on the first floor.
  • Safecracker's Jacket - this is one of the most stylish armours you can get in The Outer Worlds right now. Sadly, being stylish is all it does. It does not really provide any solid defence, which is a significant drawback. That said, it does offer +10 to your lockpicking skills, so it is something worth considering if you are into these kinds of things

These are some of the coolest weapons and armours in the game right now. Try them out and let us know which one works best for you.


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The Outer Worlds: Armor Guide
The Outer Worlds: Armor Guide
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