The Outer Worlds: Review

Oct 31 2019 5 min read

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The Outer World is one of the hottest games right now that offers tons of fun. It is a roleplaying action game that is played from a first-person point of view. Many people claim that this game is very similar to Fallout: New Vegas, and while this is true up to an end, the game offers many unique characteristics that make it very enjoyable to play.

Similar to other games out there, you can create your very own character early on and then unlock a ship, which will serve the role of a  "safe house". You can use it as a fast-travel mechanism to go to different places. However, you won't be able actually to control it, so keep that in mind.

The thing that sets this game apart from the others is the fact that you will be able to recruit different NPC's while roaming around and make them your companions. Every single one of them is unique in a way that he has his own individual skills, particular movements and also different talents. This means that you can use them whenever you are in trouble.

On top of that, depending on how you interact with others via dialogue decisions, you will have a different outcome of the main story.

The Story

The Outer Worlds is set in the future where the big corporations are basically controlling every single aspect of peoples' lives (it's kind of funny that we are currently having nearly the same situation in the world).

Upon beginning this awesome game, you will find yourself in a spaceship where you've just woken up from hibernation. As you can imagine, the ship is miles away from home, and you can't really go back. The person who awakes you from the hibernation is called Phineas Welles, who is criminal that happens to be on the same ship.

The reason for his action is that he wants your help. The ship is having various issues, and you are the only person that can help him save it. Naturally, this is not going to be a walk in the park for your character because he has been sleeping for a couple of years. This means that he moves slowly, inadequately at times, which is not the ideal situation when you are in a new planet, fighting against new types of creatures that you've never seen before.

The main enemy ahead of you is called "The Board", and it's basically a giant corporation that is consisted of ten companies. They are basically controlling every single aspect of life, which means that all people are working for them. However, things are not really going well as you will see for yourself, which means that it's time for a change.

Every single person in the new world is related to The Board somehow because they control everything. For instance, some people are working even when they are sick just to show to their bosses that they actually need to be treated for their disease. Unfortunately, medical supplies are minimal, which means that not everyone can gain access to them.

However, not everything is grim and scary. There are also many exciting moments that you will find while exploring your new world. That said, probably the best part of this game is the different companions, as we mentioned earlier. Most of them offer a unique experience and are also a vital part of your journey across the new world.

How is it to actually play the game

Some people might say that this game is kind of political, which is accurate up to a point. However, The Outer Worlds manages to draw a fine line to it, which makes the game enjoyable by most people. To be honest, there isn't really a correct way in which you can play this game. In other words, if you are a type of a player that just wants to run around and kill everyone while doing it, you can do that. However, tempting as t can be, it's not really the best thing to do because you will just miss out on a lot of the more in-depth action, such as exploring and helping people survive. That said, sometimes it might be useful only to let some steam off, so be sure to grab the best gun you can find.

The Outer Worlds is a game where you often have to make a lot of essential choices. For instance, sometimes you have to do a sure thing that will benefit more people while also affecting others in the wrong way. While making such choices is definitely easier said than done, you have to do them in order to prosper.

We mentioned before that the game has a different outcome depending on what you do in the various dialogues. This means even if you finished it one time, you could always try to play it again but this time, be sure to answer different things while talking in the game.


The Outer Worlds is capable of surprising you in many ways. For example, there is an exciting task that you need to do after you advance a little bit into the game. Your job will be to help one of the companions that you've come across to reunite with her family. At first glance, this seems like a pretty easy thing to do. However, once you actually go to her parents, things go south very fast as they are not really happy that she is with you. In fact, depending on what you tell them, they can even get aggressive, which means that you might have to use your weapon in order to defend yourself.

There are many other "clutch" moments like that which make the game worthwhile. To sum up, The Outer Worlds is a unique game in many ways, and it's probably one of the Obsidians' most fabulous creations yet. Hopefully, they will continue to make games like this one because they are indeed a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by auto battlers, battle royals and other types of play that don't have nearly as in-depth action as this one.

If you are interested in knowing more about how this game works, be sure to check our other articles about it too.


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