The Outer Worlds: Companion Quests Guide

Oct 31 2019 10 min read

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The Outer Worlds is one of the newest games right now that can safely be considered as a breath of fresh air in a world full of auto battlers and battle royals. Many people say that this game resembles Fallout a lot, which not a bad thing, considering that Fallout is an epic game. However, there are many different things about this game that make it unique in many ways.

One of them is the ability to do the so-called "Companion Quests". Even though they are not mandatory, they will help you to "bound" with your companion, which is a significant thing to do in this game, especially if you are going to rely on them heavily. 

Let's take a look at these quests and what to expect from them. Keep it in mind that they are subject to change, especially once the new updates start kicking in.

Keep it in mind that every single companion has different types of quests. Some of them are a lot harder but also provide decent loot, XP and in-game cash, which make it worthwhile.

The Cleaning Machine

One of the first quests that you come across will be this one. You will unlock it as soon as you start the journey from the main story called "Passage to Anywhere". When you first start doing the quest, you will stumble upon a mechanical "thingy" that's named SAM. However, that's all you can find out about it at first glance, which means that you need to ask ADA to give you more information,

She will then tell you that you need to go to the Quarters of Alex Hawthorne where you can find more about it. Keep it in mind that in order to get there, you need to have a unique passcode. Needless to say, there is no way that you can have this, so your only chance is to actually hack the terminal so that you can enter the area.

When you get there, start looking for a thing called "Acid Steeper", which is located somewhere inside. Usually, it shouldn't take that long actually to find it. Once you do, go back to the Old Steeper and put this one.

If you complete this quest, you will get around 20 000 XP, 1000 Bit Cartridge and most importantly - you will unlock SAM, a pretty cool companion that can save you in sticky situations.

The Illustrated manual

The next companion quest on your list is yet another hunt, but this time, your job will be to find the Collector's Domicile. According to the information that you get in the quest, this should be in Edgewater, very close to the Abandoned outpost where a collector lives. Luckily, he will be marked on the map, so you will know where you need to go.

Once you go there, look around a little bit until you find a cave - this is where you will find the missing item. When you finally get your hands on it, go back to Vicar, and you will get some cool rewards - a better reputation level, a new Spacer's Choice Faction and 6000 XP. That said, the biggest prize here is the addition of Vicar Max to your lineup of companions.

The Empty Man

This quest is a little bit harder to complete, but that's what makes it fun. However, keep it in mind that it will only be available once you complete the quest called "The Illustrated Manual" and get Vicar Max as your companion.

The first thing you need to do here is to go to the Groundbreaker security terminal where Vicar will try some of his tricks in order to get some information off it. However, when you go there, your first job will find some sort of ID in order to pass through the Hologragic defence. Needless to say, this will probably take some time, but that's the only way in.

As soon as you enter the terminal, Vicar's job will be to hack the Data Cartridge that you will get and find where does "The Scholar" stay. After a brief period, you will find out that he is located in Fallbrook, which is where you need to go. Sadly, upon arriving, he won't be there, which means that you will have to search for any clues you can find there to get an idea of where he might've gone to.

You will eventually find a letter saying how he might be on the lookout for gold near the river, so grab Vicar and go there to talk to the guy. You will find out that he is pretty different from before and he will offer you to go to his meditation chamber. 

Long story short - Vicar will get some hallucinations and you will have to talk to him about what he saw. When you're done, you will earn around 20000 XP, 2.2K Bits and you will also get a special quest item called Incense Vessel.

The Sapphire Wine

The next quest on our list, similar to the previous one, can only be done once you do something beforehand. In this case, you need to recruit Parvati first before you can start this one. In order to start it, go to her (she will be standing next to the ship) and tell her that you will take her to Junlei Tennyson, who is the engineer of Groundbreaker.

Once you're done, go back to the Unreliable and then talk to her about this dude. This will trigger a short dialogue where she will tell you that she wants to go the Last Hope in order to have a drink and have a brief chat with Junlei. Upon arriving there, grab a bottle for yourself (you will be offered a couple, choose wine) and be prepared to basically "encourage" Parvati that she is looking awesome and there is no need for her to worry about how she looks. This will be a huge motivational boost to her, which will allow her to ask Junlei to go out. In other words, you will be the "middle man" in a dating scenario.

Once you do all that, head back to Unreliable and talk to her again, asking if she had a good time. This will finish the quest, and you will get around 20 000 EXP for it. However, the high price here is that you will unlock another companion quest called "Don't Bite the Sun".

Don't Bite the Sun

Once you do all the steps mentioned above, your next job will be to focus on this quest. Keep it in mind that it's pretty hard to complete, which is why you need to be careful.

Your first job here will be to try to find and then buy a special Cleaning product that can help Parvati. Luckily, you can find a lot of them in any vendor located on the Groundbreaker, so it shouldn't be that hard to succeed. When you finally find it, go back to Parvati, give it to her and ask if she is finally ready to meet her new date. However, she will ask you to repurchase something - a Dustback Casserole.

In order to get this, you need to go all the way to Chef Raymond who is located in Stellar Bay and spend 3000 bits on this. After that, go to Cascadia and get a special cake called Ersatz Sweetheart that is located inside a building on the left from the sign for the Bottling Plant.

Once you do all that, go back to her but prepare for another journey as she will send you to go to the Byzantiumn's Plaze where you need to talk to a person called Celeste Jolicoeur who will basically make a particular outfit, asking you to be a model for it (that escalated quickly).

After that, you will have to talk to this woman about getting a dress for Parvati. Surely, she will agree on it, but it won't be cheap as you will have to pay around 6000 bits for it. While she is making the dress, be sure to keep her alive because if she dies, you will have to find another designer indeed to complete the dress.

Once you get it, go back to Parvati, give her the dress, and then wait until the "date" is over, after which you need to talk to her again. This is where you the quest will be completed, and you will get tons of rewards - 28 000 experience, 2 500 Bits and a special picture of Junlei and Parvati (so good, much wow).

The Worst Contract

This companion quest is related to Ellie, another pretty excellent companion that can help you a lot. In order to start this quest, you will have to find Ellie, who's located in the Medical Bay of the Groundbreaker.

However, getting to her is actually easier said than done because there are a lot of obstacles on your way. First, you will have to talk to Jessie in the quarantine area to let you in. Check if you have the Holographic Shroud as it will quickly help you get inside. If you don't have it, you will have to use a different method of entering this place - behind the place where Glady stays.

To do this, you will have to talk to Udon Bedford and tell him that you want to pay all the money that Jessie owes to the Board. After that, just go back to the Medial Bay and then proceed to talk to Jessie and Ellie to complete this quest.

If you happen to have this hologram, you will be able to get in and then you will have to do one small task to complete this quest. In other words, you will save yourself so time. 

Nevertheless, upon completing this quest, you will get 27 000 experience, and one thousand Bits and most importantly - Ellie. She is a handy companion that will ask to join your side once you're ready.

The Low Crusade

This quest is only available once you complete the one from above and get Ellie to join our side. In order to begin it, talk to her about the Unreliable and then go to Fernhill Estate where you will have to meet her parents. 

When you go there, start talking to her, and she will explain to you how she has a special plan to steal her parents' insurance money. In order to do that, you need to go to the Insurance Group and check the mailbox that is located right from the guards.

Once done, go to Fallbrook and make a new (fake) account. Once done, you will have to talk to the Insurance agent again and change the person that receives the money (beneficiary). Of course, she won't be thrilled about it, so you have a couple of options here - either give her some money to do it or just persuade her by telling her that you will kill her. Both methods work fine, so it's up to you to decide which one you want to use.

When you're ready, go back to Ellie and tell her that you're ready. This will complete the quest, and you will earn a massive 60,000 experience and around 1400 bits. On top of that, you will also get a Framed Insurance Check.

Friendship's Due

This is another exciting companion quest that can be available only after you've recruited Felix. 

When you accept the quest, you will have to go in Scylla and meet Harlow and kill a traitor there and get his ring. However,  keep it in mind that Felix needs to take part in this in order to be allowed to join Harlow's crew.

However, you will soon find out a plot twist, and the guy that you're supposed to kill will become your friend. He will give you his ring, which you need to take to Harlow and confront him for his lies. Needless to say, this does not end well, so prepare for a fight with Harlow.

Once you're ready, talk to Felix in order to complete the quest. You will earn around 43,00 experience and  3 600 bits, as well as Harlow's Emblem. Not bad for a quick journey.

Star Troopers

In order to do this quest, you need to recruit Nyoka first. Once you're done, talk to her and wait until she asks you to to help her, which is where the quests start.

Your first job will be to go to Haves' Grave and loot a couple of medallions. Keep it in mind that there will be a lot of enemies there, so prepare for a fight. After you're done, you will meet a person called Hiram, and you need to ask him to help you find Nyoka's friends. He will give you the coordinations where you need to go in order to find them.

You will have to go all the way to Scylla in order to get the Primal Glands. As soon as you go there, head out to the navigation markers and kill the Behemoths there so that you can loot the Glands. After you're done, go back to Monarch and be ready to kill Mantinqueen. She is pretty tough, so prepare for a long fight.

Usually, you should be able to kill her, but it is possible that she kills you too because she also has a couple of minions that help her. This means that you need to extra careful.

Once you're ready, talk to Nyoka, and you will receive the following awards: 38,000 experience, 2500 bits and, as well as a Framed Photograph.

That's all the quests that you can for now in The Outer Worlds. Expect more of them once the first significant updates start kicking in.


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