The Outer Worlds: Aptitude Guide

Oct 31 2019 2 min read

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The Outer Worlds is a unique game in many ways because it offers many exciting things. When you first start playing it, you will be thrown in a world that is far away from home, full of surprises. While progressing through the main story, there will be many important decisions that you need to take. Some of them have the be done very early on, which is not the best time for them because you will most likely have no idea what to do. 

One such thing is choosing your "aptitude", as well as your "attributes". The first word might bring a lot of questions right now but don't worry. Let's take a look and see what doe sit mean and what attributes to choose from.

What are the aptitudes and which to choose from?

An aptitude is basically a permanent "buff" that you can choose from. In the beginning, you have only one of option, and it provides damage reduction from specific types of weapons, more consumable benefits and +1 to an individual skill. Apart from this one, there are fifteen other aptitudes that you can choose from. Every single one of them offers a different type of bonus to your stats:

  • No Discernible Aptitude - This one gives +1 determination.
  • Bureaucrat - gives +1 block
  • Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-supervisory - gives +1 persuade
  • Beverage service technician - increases the duration of the drink effect by 3% 
  • Construction, Wire Spooler - this reduces the shock damage you take by 3%
  • Factory Worker - provides +1 dodge
  • Elevator Operation Specialist - gives +1 engineering
  • Farmer - reduces a certain type of damage taken by 3%
  • Janitor - reduces the corrosion damage taken by 3%
  • Medical Technician - provides 1% Medical
  • Inspector of Safety - reduces the plasma damage you take by 3%
  • Scientist Assistant - provides +1 science
  • Chef - provides a little bit of melee damage

Which aptitude to choose from?

Even though the bonuses that you can get from the aptitudes are small, they are still pretty good. That said, just opt for the one you feel is the best. Here are a couple of tips that might help you along the way:

  • Drinking and the food effect bonuses work very well when you combine them with different items
  • Damage receiving reductions are significant, regardless of the situation
  • If you are interested in enhancing your experience with your companions, go for determination and inspiration

Now that you know what an Aptitude is, you are ready to start your journey. Good luck!


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