The Outer Worlds: Achievements and Trophies Guide

Oct 31 2019 4 min read

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The Outer Worlds is a fantastic game full of exciting things to do. Apart from the various companions that you can get (which is arguably the most exciting aspect of this game), you can also get different types of achievements and trophies. In fact, their total amount is 49, and most of them are based on the story quests that you can complete. However, others require you to do a lot more to get them, which makes them rare.

Let's take a look at the different achievements and trophies that you can get. If you want to be one of the first people that complete them, this is a must-read.

Story-based achievements

There are 17 achievements and trophies that you can get while doing the main story quests. Let's take a look at them

  • Ticket to anywhere -  you can get this once you get your own ship. Fortunately, that's not so hard to do.
  • Welcome to Halcyon! - you will get this when you land in the Emerald Vale
  • Paradise Found - you will get this once you fall in Byzantium
  • Something's Fishy - you will get this once you reach Steller Bay
  • Hard Time - you will get this once you slip on Tartarus
  • Pirate Radio - you will get this once you stop the broadcasts of the Monarch (kind of hard to do)
  • Lost and Found - you will get this when you skip the Hope
  • The Audience Gasp - you need to learn the truth about the colony to get it
  • Sublight to the End - you need to complete the sublight questline in order to get this
  • Peace in Our Time - this one is obtainable once you make peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI
  • A  Star is Born - one of the neatest achievements here, you can complete it if you take part in the movie made by Odeon Pictures
  • Monarch Abides -  you need to win the Battle of Stellar Bay to get this
  • Fantastic - save the toothpaste
  • Mightier than the Sword - you need to keep Edgewater in order to get this
  • Sunburn - you need to skill the hope in the sun to get this
  • Ludwig was Right - bring a robot to the Edgewater
  • The cartographer - you need to kill this guy to get this achievement

General Achievements

The remaining achievements and trophies can be obtained from different kind of activities.

  • Hard - finish The Outer Worlds on Hard difficulty
  • The Outer Worlds Platinum Trophy - Get all trophies
  • The Outer Worlds - complete the game on any problem
  • Supernova - finish the game on supernova difficulty
  • Best friend - get a companion
  • Got Your Back - kill 50 enemies with your companions
  • The Harder They Fall -  kill a mega creature (they are very hard to kill)
  • Silver Tongue - use your dialogue skill 30 times
  • Upgrade Available - upgrade your gear 30 times 
  • Poor Sportsmanship - hit 30 enemies while they are doing the tactical time dilation
  • Never Seen - use sneak attacks to kill 50 enemies
  • Short Circuit - kill 30 units with shock damage
  • Health Insurance - use medics 300 times
  • Toss ball All-Star - kill 50 enemies using a tossed ball
  • We All Fall Down - kill 100 enemies using plasma damage
  • Everbody Likes me - gain a positive reputation with three factions
  • Everything Must Go - sale items worth 10k bits to vendors
  • Destroyer of Worlds - negative standings with three factions
  • Flawed hero - get three flaws
  • Well Dressed - Wear Nice Hat and Chimaera at the same time
  • Not the best Choice -  equip four weapons, a headgear and Spacer's brand clothing
  • Level 30 - get to level 30
  • Patient N - kill 20 enemies that were inflicted by N-rays
  • Anything for a friend - finish q questline for a confident companion
  • Elemental Maelstorm - kill an enemy hit by five different things
  • Skilled - raise an individual skill to 100
  • Jack of All trades - kill an enemy with a science weapon
  • Mad Scientists - kill an enemy that has taken damage by four science weapons
  • Impossible Mission - engage into three dialogues using a single disguise
  • All for One - complete all quests of your companions
  • One for All - get all companions
  • Well Balanced Breakfast - get different bonuses, depending on what you eat

Good luck with your achievement. Hunting! Who knows, you might end up getting all of them.


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