The match of the week: NSS vs UNIQUE. Saturday's games preview

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A little bit about the upcoming battles of the best teams

Hello tankers! Friday in the Gold Series was not without surprises, so let’s briefly go through the past matches.

Not So Serious 5:2 IMPACT Gaming

The expected result, even though the beginning of the fight was not the easiest for NSS. IMPACT Gaming were able to win the attack on the Sand River with a 2:1 score. But Levanta and the company were not going to give up and no longer lost a single round.

Despite the fiasco, the best player of the match was Maga, so let’s note the efforts of the IMPACT Gaming team.

Rostselmash 1:5 Unique

The result of this match was much harder to predict. Unique this season makes the impossible and they are at the peak of their form. As for Rostselmash, they spend the season similarly to the previous one: they start perfectly, contend at matches against favorites, then make incomprehensible things (including boosts) and merge all the earned advantage.


There are two matches left before the end of the first round, and we still did not see tie-breakers.

Unique occupies the first position, but they have one match more than Tornado. But they have as many lost rounds (13). A good hint, is not it?

The third position is occupied by NSS. Rostselmash has one match more than Rush.

IMPACT Gaming, Cascade eSports and Brain Storm are still at the bottom of the standings.

Saturday’s matches:

17:00 MSK: Cascade eSports (5.141) vs Tornado Energy (1.047)

It is very difficult to write a paragraph about this match, because all readers understand the chances of the teams. I think that Tornado Energy will take three points without problems, and there can not be any surprises here.

18:30 MSK: UNIQUE (1.601) vs Not So Serious (1.905)

But this match is the key confrontation of the tour. In the last round, NSS has lost with a 2:5 score, and we have discussed the bad form of this team, not the perfect form of Unique. UNIQUE, by the way, has trained a lot of time with ‘Not So Serious’, so we can say that there is a certain merit of Levanta and the company is in the ‘green team’ success. If we talk about the importance of this match, then the victory of Unique here guarantees a trip to the lan-finals. NSS wants as far as possible to break away from their pursuers and leave Rush and Rostselmash to find out the relationship in private. It is difficult to predict the outcome of this match, and we will not even try. In my opinion this match is much more spectacular, interesting and anticipated than the new Tornado Energy Team and Rush confrontation.

20:00 MSK: Rush (1.04) vs Brain Storm (8.35)

Brain Storm does not train, which means that they have no chances in this fight. Rush steel the only one who could beat Tornado this season, so it will not be the random misfires here. 5:0 or 5:1.

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See you in the fields of tanks' eSports, bro!


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