The Kuala Lumpur Major: Playoff First Day Predictions

Nov 10 2018 4 min read

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The group stage of The Kuala Lumpur Major is over and there is an incredible playoff for 16 teams ahead. Let's take a look at tomorrow's matches and pick out the favorites.

Team Secret VS Vici Gaming

The group stage was quite easy for Team Secret. Nisha and MidOne perfectly cooperate with each other and can easily exchange lines if necessary. Zai demonstrates an increasingly confident game in the offline position, and he takes everything he can from this. The rapid appearance of key artifacts on the heroes makes him super useful in the middle stage of the game, and either strengthens the domination or grabs an advantage and creates a turning point in the game. The performance of the team really pleases the eye. They are clearly aiming to the final.

The beginning of the tournament was not as successful for Vici: the lingering games got players pretty tired, as it was quite evident in the match with Aster. Yang on his famous Necrophos apparently found his weak spot in the form of Enigma. The lack of creeps results in lack of experience, and it hit him hard on the start. If Necrophos is removed or taken away at all, the game for Team Secret should be much easier. Yang does not feel as comfortable playing for other characters. Another weakness of the team is love for “greedy” characters, who need a lot of farm for their implementation on the map. The usage of active characters on an early stage of a game helped EG and Aster to take advantage from Vici.

The meeting of teams will certainly be quite difficult and significant, as it was at the ESL One Hamburg. Vici definitely wants a revenge for the final, but opponents probably have their own plans for this. Team Secret should win again, but finding the right key to success is not a simple matter. We are waiting for the score 2:1.

PSG.LGD VS Alliance

The LGD is well-prepared for the major. The interaction between teammates is just as good as it was before. All actions follow a clear plan, which is perfectly executed by extremely experienced players. PSG is the main contender for the champion title.

Alliance had an incredibly long and hard-passed group stage, has played the maximum number of games possible. Such a gaming day may negatively affect tomorrow's match. Now Qojqva is the main link to the victory, and if you limit him in the game, then miCKe will probably not be able to drag the team to the end, even if everything goes well. With the current meta a game for one is not the best choice for Alliance.

LGD just have to outplay their opponent. The difference in class is as clear as the day.

TnC vs. paiN Gaming

Although TnC could not beat their rivals, they gave a great fight in the group. Team’s drafts are quite typical, there are no special ideas, only the unexpected Outworld Devourer appeared. If there are almost no complaints to the players' individual skills, there are some other problems need to be solved. Team’s actions and discipline leaves much to be desired.

paiN Gaming shows a variety of characters, but this is not enough. If at ESL One they were able to make good drafts and correctly use them against their opponent’s weaknesses, then at this tournament it seems that they didn’t undergo any preparation at all. Unfortunately, another problem is the unstable level of individual play. Some players are getting lost in the line-up from time to time.

Both teams are about equal now. In this format of the meeting TnC should win, as they were the kings of bo1 and most likely they will remain such.

Tigers vs. Pain X

Pain X surprised everybody with their performance. The absolute majority consider them the weakest team of this tournament, but even they were able to give a decent fight. In many respects, it happened because od 4dr and CCnC, who dragged their team through the game. The rest noticeably do not reach the level of the major.

Tigers fought like hell in the group, but the exhaustion after the minor and the presence of not the most experienced players in the line-up influenced the result, as it was predicted. This especially affected the draft in the match against Fnatic, where they were completely failed.

Since the confrontation will take place in bo1 format, there is always a chance that one team will outplay the other with some unusual strategy. Tigers should be stronger, but not much.


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