The International 2019: vs RNG

Aug 15 2019 2 min read
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The Chinese team took the last twelfth place in direct The International invitations zone, while let only the mighty Team Secret forward. The series turned out to be hot, with local upheavals and intrigue, maintained by the teams until the final moment.

Map One

The Bears began the series with giving an unintentional handicap to their opponent: by the seventh minute, RAMZES666's Gyrocopter died three times. Nevertheless, a well-placed ward helped the team return to the game and boost Gyrocopter - Io pair to cruising speed. The map continued. The decisive fight took place at 38th minute, when, having a slight advantage, besieged the central lane of the enemy. Morphling by Monet, first crumpled all team actions with his initiation, got hexed, died, bought back, died again, letting his own base got destroyed in pursuit to frag RodjER. Then Puck repeated the same procedure. RNG were left without barracks and were forced to admit defeat.

Source: @AutoDota

Вторая карта

RNG decided to get revenge with Gyrocopter. The Chinese team simply stole the meta character from the opponent. had to take Luna and Io. The course of the second map developed rapidly and was completely different from what we saw in the first confrontation. RNG began to play as the favourite and by the 15th minute, accumulated about five-thousand gold advantage. 9pasha showed his teeth with Tiny, as the offlaner was able to catch three enemy characters in Avalanche, after which teammates finished off the enemy. But, unfortunately, this did not bring the desired result. RNG did not release their opponents, and at 44th minute, when the Bears who lost two sides and key buyback, surrendered. The score in the series is a draw, 1:1.

Source: @AutoDota

The results of matches, a detailed schedule and all the most important news of The International are now available on our The International 2019 Hub Page. Keep up to date with the events of the main tournament of the year in one click!


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