The International 2019: Team Secret defeated The Alliance

Aug 15 2019 2 min read
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In the first match of The International 2019, Team Secret defeated The Alliance 2-0. After a technical delay of a little less than an hour, the teams decided to reward the audience for the wait.

The first map truly deserves to get a MUST SEE label. The Swedish team extremely confidently set the line, completely outplaying Team Secret at the lane stage. Surely today this game will be a nightmare for Nisha: for the first time in his professional career, he died six times in the first twelve minutes!

Having earned a great advantage, Alliance did not reduce its pressure, however, MidOne on Broodmother dragged on the game, leaving the opportunity for his Polish partner to get the farm and make a comeback. Team Secret managed to do it: despite the mega-creeps, the European team was able to win the final fight, and Nisha caused 65.4 thousand damage to heroes, which is a record for matches with a duration of fewer than 46 minutes.

The main highlight of the map: Taiga steals Aegis using phenomenal Terrorize!

Do not let the Norwegian have Dark Willow. However, the second map was not so tense, and Team Secret won a landslide victory.

In a parallel match, PSG.LGD had no problems meeting Chaos Esports Club (2-0), and Newbee sensationally won a dry victory over Team Liquid.


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Solos mode in Apex Legends is already being abused
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