The International 2019: NAVI vs EG

Aug 15 2019 3 min read
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Natus Vincere faced one of the most difficult opponents in their group: Evil Geniuses. NAVI showed a flexible draft again, with a decent macro strategy and nice personal execution. This time, the confrontation turned out to be more spectacular, and the final map became a real gem of the first day of The International 2019.

Map One

NAVI got first blood and began boosting their Alchemist. By the 15th minute, his net worth was equivalent to the sum of all other members of the collective net worth. Natus Vincere were able to establish control on the map and cut off Gyrocopter from the farming. By 30th minute mark, NAVI killed Roshan and destroyed the opponent's top lane. Crystallize's unsuccessful initiation slightly slowed down the "Born to Win" pace, but it did not affect the global situation on the map. NAVI gained critical mass and left Evil Geniuses without barracks in the lategame. Evil Geniuses' draft did not allow mega-creeps to be effectively resisted, and the North American team conceded defeat on the first map.

Source: AutoDota

Map Two

At the pick stage, NAVI were able to grab Axe, Templar Assassin and Dark Willow, Evil Geniuses responded with Storm Spirit for SumaiL. Both teams gained gold and artefacts with equal speed, the early game was almost in perfect balance. By the 26th minute, NAVI held a series of confident fights, after which they were able to reduce the opponent's space for collecting gold and place aggressive wards on the map.

A series of fights on mid took place in around 40 minutes' mark. Evil Geniuses unclenched enemy clutches a bit and returned to the fight for the third Roshan. They've made it successfully, NAVI lost two lanes, and Weaver from Crystallize died immediately after the buyback. Evil Geniuses besieged the last remaining side and met the hour mark of the match with an advantage of 33 thousand gold. Weaver got Divine Rapier, which eventually changed the owner twice, and the teams began to play Russian roulette, taking turns remaining one step away from losing. But NAVI lost the last barrack and faced the need to defend themselves against mega-creeps.

The final siege lasted up to 82 minutes (1 hour, 22 minutes), EG took the next Roshan, turned on the BKBs and went directly to the enemy throne, bypassing the enemy's characters. Tactics finally worked, and the protracted series ended in a draw.

Source: AutoDota

Nevertheless, this match can rightfully claim the title of the most spectacular confrontation of the first day of The International 2019.

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